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Please submit entries in the following format | Author| Year/s| Title| Content| Publication/ Publisher| Volume Number| Pages| Source

Author Year/s Title Content Publication/ Publisher Volume Number Pages Source
Abdollahnejad, Mohammad Reza 2006 The use of music therapy with substance abusers * Music Therapy Today Vol. VII (2) 318-332 *
Aichhorn, August 1951 Wayward Youth * Imago Publishing Co.(London) * * PETT
Almond, Richard 1974 The Healing Community: Dynamics of the Therapeutic Milieu * Jason Aronson (New York) * * PETT
Amtzis, Alan David 2003 Problems Re-learn School * Lynch Graduate School of Education, Boston College * * PETT
Armelius, Bengt-Ake et all (eds.) 2000 En 5-Arsstudie av Patienter och Personal Vid Behandlingshemmet Varpen 1993-1998 * Inst. for Psykologi (Umea) * * PETT
Artiss, Kenneth L. 1962 Milieu Therapy in Schizophrenia * Grune and Stratton (New York/London) * * PETT
Asioli, Fabrizio and Massimo Purpura (editors) 2005 La comunita terapeutica: Instruzione per l'uso * Biblink editori (Roma) * * PETT
Austin, Barbara Leslie 1970 Sad Nun at Synanon * Holt, Rinehart, Winston (New York) * * PETT
Austin, Barbara Leslie 1971 Sad Nun at Synanon * Pocket Books (New York) * * PETT
Ayella, Marybeth Francine 1985 Insane Therapy: Case Study of the Social Organization of a Psychotherapy Cult * Ph.D (University of California) * * PETT
Ayella, Marybeth F. 1998 Insane Therapy: Portrait of a Psychotherapy Cult * Temple University Press (Philadelphia) * * PETT


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