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14.2.2006 ATC Admin: "Journal Standing"

Query from the states: "Hi, just reviewing the therapeutic communities journal on a "child and youth care" weblink and am interested in submitting a manuscript. The current issue shown on the website is 2003. Is the journal still active or not? Is it just this weblink that needs updating? Please advise."

11.2.2006 Craig: "Too many journals"

As it has to do with the journal, I think it may fall under the umbrella of the Communications Working Group. It's an old problem: What to do with the over-run copies of past issues of the journal? They lived for a long time in the loft of Winterbourne House, where residents helped shift and find them when a specific issue was needed. When Winterbourne was no longer available, they went into a barn at Jon Broad's place near Swindon. They're now living in different spaces around PETT - a garage, a bit of loft, a couple of the storage rooms. According to a recent email I've seen from John Cross, there are about 6,500 journals, from 1980-2004, ranging from 12 of one issue to 500 of another. He reckons PETT can probably accommodate about 1,000 of these (about 15 of each issue), which leaves 5,500 to dispose of. One solution he suggests is to pulp them, but mentions that you have to pay nowdays to have so much bound material pulped (it would probably cost a few hundred pounds). He goes on:

"But I think it important that we do not send for recycling any of these Journals which the Association or any of its members would wish to retain. Of particular interest may be some ‘special’ issues, for example, Vol. 11/4 on Arbours 51 copies, Vol.14/4 Tom Main’s Legacy 166 copies, Vol.15/4 Therapeutic Communities for Offenders 247 copies, Vol.17/2 papers (1946) on the launch of TCs 130 copies, Vol.17/4 Training for Therapeutic Practice 90 copies and Vol. 21/2 The Sanctuary Model 50 copies."

There are no complete runs, unfortunately. But I did wonder, if it is going to cost ATC anyway to dispose of them, whether there might not be a solution which feeds back into the ATC. For example, offering such broken sets as we can to new or emerging therapeutic communities -in Europe or India, or even farther afield - tying them more closely into ATC, and helping to develop the knowledge-base and networking. Perhaps trying to place such sets as we can within libraries (Sheffield, Gary?)(British Psychoanalytical Society?)(Czech Republic? Poland? Romania?). Perhaps also putting some of the special issues onto Amazon, to see whether any would sell there (Amazon has a self-service for private sellers integrated into its own sales-face)?

Any thoughts or ideas?

Having stumbled over the boxes in various places around PETT, I know there is some pressure to do something about them. It would be good if the solution(s) could be productive and creative, ATC-wise, as well as space-freeing-up-ish, PETT-wise.



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