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ATC Communications Working Group Terms of Reference draft, 8.2.2006)

The work of the Communications Working Group revolves around three interlocking categories:

1. The goals and objectives of the ATC

2: The To/For/With Whom of communication

3: The Modes and Means of communication

1. Goals and Objectives.

Broadly, "the aim of the ATC is to promote the use of therapeutic community principles in the provision of services to vulnerable and excluded individuals, families and groups in order to integrate them into more caring and equitable social networks better able to meet their ongoing needs."

To help the ATC to achieve this aim, the Communications Working Group will look at ways in which communications can be developed or improved

  • - to make the organisation more effective;
  • - to make the organisation more efficient;
  • - to encourage an involved and informed membership;
  • - to increase ATC's membership.

2. To/For/With Whom

The Communications Working Group will look at and make recommendations concerning communications

  • - within the organisation:
    • among members of the Executive Committee,
    • among members of Working Groups,
    • between Working Groups and Executive Committee,
    • and all with the Administration Team ATC-CWG-AdminNotes
  • - between the organisation and its members, both institutional and individual:
    • Executive Committee with members,
    • Working Groups with members,
    • Administration Team with Members
  • - between the organisation and the public (defining the various publics)

3. Modes and Means

The Communications Working Group will examine, make recommendations and help develop means and modes of communication, which currently include:

  • Internet-based Email lists, Bulletin Boards, and Chat rooms
  • Newsletter
  • Journal
  • Website
  • Conference calls
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
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