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Lucia Šimončičová in Bratislava, Slovakia, asks:

My aim is to find answers mainly for these questions:

  • What are the opportunities and options of art therapy in Therapeutic Communities for addicted to psychoactive substances?
  • How is it possible to implement art therapy programe into the programme of TC?
  • What are the principles of constructing/creating and subsuming/integrating art therapy programme in TC?
  • Which art therapy targets/goals are appropriate to set regarding to the goals/needs of TC?
  • Which needs of clients are more imporatnt to aim in art therapy sessions at?
  • How is it possible through the art therapy to affect (cast aside) their maipulative behaviour?
  • Or how to help them to cope with stressors through the art therapy?
  • How to create the art therapy programme to enhance self-esteem?
  • How is it to improve communication skills through the art therapy?
  • And how to help them acqire appropriate problem solving skills; conflict resolution skills?
  • How to help them gain affect orientation and regualtion through art therapy?

  • How to work with their resistance, lack of motivation, swift changes in mood, that emerge in the art therapy process?
  • How to attract them for art therapy to be able to perceive it as helpful/really meaningful for them. How to achieve, that they will try to gain as much as possible from art therapy session?
  • How to establish self-dicipline skills? How to help them face and cope with anger, fustration through the art therapy?
  • How to help them set in order their thoughts and elimnate their chaos?
  • How to help them setting the goals and follow them?
  • What kind of tasks/assignements are appopriate for special group of addicted people in TC? (I mean tasks/assignments, that are less psychodynamic orientated and more practical)
  • What are the differences of working with underaged clients (adolescents)?
  • And what are the special needs of dual diagnosis?
  • Which art therapy techniques are useful for different types of clinets?
  • When is it appropriate to start with art therapy?
  • When is the art therapy useful for clients?
  • What is the effect of art therapy in TC?
  • What are the particularities of art therapy work in TC?

Useful online and published sources about Art Therapy and Therapeutic Communities

  • From Windsor Conference Papers LISTED by DATE on the Planned Emvironment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre website
    • 1983 Art Therapy in a Therapeutic Community Maclagan, David
    • 1984 Art Therapy in the Vondelstraat Labruyere, Noortje
    • 1989 Dynamics in Psycho Motor Therapy and Art Therapy in Amstelland A Kunstt, Peter and Kampstra, Yolande
    • 1996 Therapeutic Community Training Sessions from the Perspective of the Art Therapy Gerritsen, Monique
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