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Dr. Brigitte Klenner-Kaindl

Kur- & Gesundheitszentrum Knappenhof GmbH

Kleinau 34

2651 - Reichenau an der Rax


Longtime voluntary work as a board member of the Austrian Association for the protection of children and non-violent education.

- Former president of the treatment agency “Gruener Kreis”

- Longtime work with parents and relatives of substance abusers

- Scientific doctoral work on violence and addiction from a philosophical perspective

CF 23.01.2006 Email: Dear Dr. Brigitte Klenner-Kaindl,

I am one of the editors for a book on Therapeutic Community in Europe which is being prepared by the College Research Unit of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, here in Britain. We are describing it briefly as "a practical guide to therapeutic community and therapeutic communities in Europe". I have included a more detailed description below, and will be very happy to send the full Guidelines either by attachment or by surface post.

I am contacting you because of the breadth and depth of your expertise in this area, and because I am hoping you will be willing to author or help author the chapter on Austria. There will be about twenty chapters on selected European countries, and in each chapter we will be attempting to briefly capture the legal, social, and historical context for the range of therapeutic communities in that country, with a directory and contact details for communities. The aim is to produce a book which practitioners, policy makers, students and others, from around the world, can consult for a variety of purposes. Our aim as Editors is to make the task of writing as easy as possible for the experts in each country. We are aiming for publication in 18 months, which means a preferred deadline for first drafts of chapters of June 2006.

If you feel able to author the chapter on Austiria, I will send the full Authors' Guidelines to you, either by email attachment or surface post. If you do not feel you can take this on, I would be very grateful for a suggestion of someone you feel could.

There is some more information about the project on the Therapeutic Community Open Forum web-site, . Our more detailed description, from the full Authors' Guidelines, follows:

"This book will be a practical guide to therapeutic community and therapeutic communities in Europe. Some people may read it cover to cover, but most are likely to use it to identify resources, and to brief themselves on issues, background, and contexts in the different European countries. They may be preparing to visit, or to learn about and compare therapeutic communities within a particular country or among several countries, for example.

"Authors are asked to address each of the main areas of Therapeutic Community provision in their country - or where appropriate, to recruit or work with contributors who can write a section relating to the specific area of work with which they are familiar: e.g., Mental Health, Addictions, Prisons, Special Populations, Children and Young People. The overall intention is to illustrate the diversity, and the similarities and differences, in therapeutic communities across Europe; as well as to consider the effect of ongoing European integration (within and without the EU) for the kind of reviewing of communities represented by the Community of Communities ( ). Community of Communities are also working towards creating a European Community of Communities network intended to help to develop communication, standards and review practices among Therapeutic Communities across Europe, and this book forms part of that process."

With very many thanks, and best wishes, I am

Yours sincerely,

Craig Fees (Dr.

CF to BK-K 15.2.2006 Letter with enclosures: Dear Dr. Klenner-Kaindl, I am one of the editors of a book on Therapeutic Community in Europe being prepared by the College Research Unit of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, which is described as "a practical guide to therapeutic community and therapeutic communities in Europe". The core of the book contains chapters on therapeutic community within individual countries, and given the very interesting work going on in Austria, we would very much like to include a chapter on therapeutic community in Austria. I emailed some weeks ago, and hope you will forgive me for writing in this way. In my ignorance I frankly do not know who would be the best person to approach to help write the chapter on Austria, and would be grateful for your advice. On the other hand I have approached you in the first instance because in the research I was able to do on the Internet you, just as frankly, stood out, both in breadth and depth of experience. I will include with the letter the Overview of the project for Authors, and a Chapter Template, so that you will see what is or would be involved. Our aim is to make their work as easy as possible for authors, and if it would help, we can arrange to gather information in a telephone interview. We can also provide the attached Chapter Template by email, as a form which can be filled in on computer and returned by email. If we can help in any other way, we certainly would wish to try. The list of therapeutic communities of which we are aware in Austria can be found on the Therapeutic Community Open Forum web-site, at ; but I am aware that it is almost certainly incomplete, and apologise for this as well. With thanks for your consideration, and any help you may be able to give to the project, I am Yours sincerely,

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