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Samir Ibisevic, UG PROI TC *** CF 15.2.2006 Email: Invite to become author

SI 18.2.2006 Email: Accepts:Dear Craig,

Will be my privilege to help putting together book about TCs in Europe. So please send me the "Guidelines for Authors" as well as other related materials.

You were right mentioning Cenacolo and hints of other TCs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some of them are "Centar Marjanovac" operated by nuns and supervised by CEIS-Roma, "Zajednica Susret" established by similar organization from Croatia, "Milosrdni otac" established by Franciscans in Medjugorje and couple of others, Muslim religious community, with scope to treat drug addictions. By my humble opinion they are not Tcs, but it can be matter of further discusion and analyzes.


Samir Ibisevic

CF 19.2.2006 Email: Dear Samir,

Thank you and welcome to the project! We will all look forward to learning more about therapeutic communities - and things which are not quite therapeutic communities? - in Bosnia Herzogovina. I apologise in advance for my ignorance.

I am attaching the two "Guidelines for Authors" files. The first is a general introduction to the project. The second is a Chapter Template, which may look more complicated or daunting than it is, because we have repeated the same questions for each of the five categories of therapeutic community which we have identified for the book. This Chapter Template is designed as a form, which you should be able to fill in on the computer. In theory the grey boxes will expand as you type into them.

I am very much looking forward to learning more, and of course if you have questions or ideas please throw them at me.

With all best wishes,


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