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Author Year/s Title Content Publication/ Publisher Volume Number Pages Source

Campling, Penelope; Haigh, Rex (eds) 1999 Therapeutic Communities: Past, Present and Future * Jessica Kingsley (London and Philadelphia) * * PETT
Campling, Penelope; Davies, Steffan; Farquharson, Graeme (eds.) 2004 From Toxic Institutions to Therapeutic Environments: Residential settings in mental health services * Gaskell (London) * * PETT
Cancrini, Luigi 1999 La Luna nel Pozzo: Famiglie, comunita terapeutiche, controtransfert e decorso della schizofrenia * Raffaello Cortina (Milano) * * PETT
Cardone, Tera E. 2002 The Effectiveness of a Modified Therapeutic Community Model in Treating Dual-Diagnosed Patients in an Outpatient Day Treatment Setting * DPsych (Alliant International University) * * PETT
Carr-Gregg 1984 Kicking the Habit: Four Australian Therapeutic Communities * University of Queensland Press (Queensland, Australia) * * PETT
Carter, Mary Josephine 1984 The Total Institution and the Therapeutic Community: Similarities and Differences * Ph.D (University of Pittsburgh) * * PETT
Case, Howard 1978 Loving Us: A New Way of Education * Howard Case (Suffolk, England) * * PETT
Casriel, Daniel 1963a So Fair a House: the story of Synanon * Prentice-Hall (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey) * * PETT
Casriel, Daniel 1963b The Story of Synanon * (Book Company of America, California) * * PETT
Casriel, Daniel and Amen, Grover 1971 Daytop: Three Addicts and Their Cure * Hill and Wang (New York) * * PETT

Caudill, William 1966 El hospital psiquiatrico como COMUNIDAD TERAPEUTICA

[Original English title: The Psychiatric Hospital as a Small Society]

* Editorial Escuela * * PETT
Cechnicki, Andrzej, Anna Bielanska and Krzysztof Walczewski 1999 Therapeutic camp as a part of an integrated community programme for schizophrenic patients * Therapeutic Communities 20: 2 113-117 *
Chan KS, Wenzel S, Orlando M, Montagnet C, Mandell W, Becker K, Ebener P 2004 How Important are Client Characteristics to Understanding Treatment Process in the Therapeutic Community. ABSTRACT The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 30:4 871-891

Chaudhry, Gurjeet nd Therapeutic Communities - An effective way forward for the probation service to work with personality disordered offenders? * BA (Hons), Community Justice (Probation Studies), School of Social Sciences, University of Birmingham * * PETT
Ch’ien,James M. N.; Sun, Frankie K.C.; and Tsui, Florence 2007 Traditional Chinese Culture and Modern Therapeutic Communities * 22nd IFNGO World Conference, 14-18 May 2007.Macau SAR China * * Online
Chu, Jacqueline 1998 Social and Environmental Restoration Through Therapeutic Community Gardens * MSc (San Jose State University) * * PETT
Ciompi, Luc and Hoffmann, Holger 2004 Soteria Berne: an innovative milieu therapeutic approach to acute schizophrenia based on the concept of affect-logic * World Psychiatry 3(3) 140–146. *
Clark, Alfred W. and Neville T. Yeomans 1969 Fraser House: Theory, Practice and Evaluation of a Therapeutic Community * Springer (New York) * * PETT
Clark, David H. * BIBLIOGRAPHY * * * * *

Clark, David H. 1964 Administrative Therapy: The Role of the Doctor in the Therapeutic Community * Tavistock Publications (London) * * PETT
Clark, David H. 1967 Psychiatric Halfway House * M.D. Thesis, University of Edinburgh * * *
Clark, David H. 1974 Social Therapy in Psychiatry * Penguin Books (Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England) * * PETT
Clark, David H. 1975 Social Therapy in Psychiatry * Jason Aronson (New York) * * PETT
Clark, David H. 1985 Alfred Joseph Clark 1885-1941: A Memoir * C & J Clark Ltd (Somerset) * * PETT
Clark, David H. 1995 Descent into Conflict, 1945: A Doctor's War * The Book Guild (Lewes, Sussex) * * PETT
Clark, David H. 1996 The Story of a Mental Hospital: Fulbourn 1858-1983 * Process Press (London) * * PETT
Clark, David H. 1998 Descent Into Conflict, 1945: A Doctor's War [Japanese translation] * Sozo Shuppan (Tokyo) * * PETT
Clark, David H. 1999 "THE EARLY DAYS OF THE A.T.C."

The Peter van der Linden Lecture, 15 September 1999

The Association of Therapeutic Communities

Windsor Conference: "Crossing New Thresholds: Conservation - Adaptation - Co-operation"

13-16 September 1999

Cumberland Lodge

Windsor, UK

(138 Mb video download) * * PETT
Clark, David H. 2000 How I Learned My Trade * Privately Circulated * * *
Clark, David H. nd My Early Years * Privatey Printed * * PETT
Clark, David H. 2002 The Story of A Mental Hospital: Fulbourn 1858-1983 [Japanese translation] * Sozo Shuppan (Tokyo) * * PETT
Clark, David H. 2005a THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITY MEMORIES: How we learned to operate Therapeutic Communities * Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre Online Publications Series 2/Number 1 * *
Clark, David H. 2005b THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITY MEMORIES: Maxwell Jones * Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre Online Publications Series 2/ Number 2 * *
Clark, D. & Lees, J. 2006 Auditing of Prison Service Accredited Interventions * in M. Parker, Ed., Dynamic Security. The Democratic Therapeutic Community in Prison, London, Jessica Kingsley Publishers * pages 255-273 *
Clark, Judith Hazlett 1988 State mental hospitals' therapeutic processes and how they correlate with a therapeutic community: A case study of one ward * Ed.D., Boston University * * PETT
Clarke, C.R. and Glatt, M.M. 1985 Wormwood Scrubs Annexe - a therapeutic community within a prison: discussion paper * Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Volume 78 656-662 *
Clarke, Liam 2004 The Time of the Therapeutic Communities: People, Places and Events * Jessica Kingsley (London/Philadelphia) * * PETT
Clarke SJ, Scott LMA 2006 A Novel Method of Recording Personality Status in a Group Setting * Quarterly Journal of Mental Health

Psychological Healthcare LTD. ISSN Number 1741-8933

Volume 1, Number 2 * *

Clay, Bob et al (eds.) 2004 Shaping the flame * The Association of Camphill Communities, in association with The Robinswood Press (Stourbridge, England) * * PETT
Clay, John 2001 Maconochie's Experiment * John Murray (London) * * PETT
Coleman, John 1967 Childscourt * MacDonald (London) * * PETT
Coleman, John 2004 Childscourt * New European Publications (London) * * PETT
Cooper, David 1967 "Villa 21 - an experiment in anti-psychiatry". Originally published in Psychiatry and Anti-psychiatry ** Tavistock ** ** PETT
Cooper, Robin, et al 1989 Thresholds between Philosophy and Psychoanalysis: Papers from the Philadelphia Association * Free Association Books (London) * * PETT
Cormier, Bruno M. 1975 The Watcher and the Watched * Tundra Books (New York/ Montreal) * * PETT
Corulli, Metello (ed) 1997 Terapeutica e Antiterapeutico: cosa accade nelle comunita terapeutiche? * Bollati Boringhieri (Torino) * * PETT
Cost, Bruce 1974 Video in a Therapeutic Community * Radical Software II:6 50-51 *
Cox, Abigail 1999 The ‘Little Commonwealth’ Reformatory School 1913-1918 * Dissertation (University of Cambridge) * * PETT
Crocket, Richard 1965 The Results of Treatment in a Psychotherapeutic Community * Thesis (University of Glasgow ) * * PETT
Crofts, Fay 1998 History of Hollymoor Hospital * Brewin Books (Studley, Warwickshire) * * PETT
Cullen, Eric; Jones, Lawrence and Woodward, Roland (eds.) 1997 Therapeutic Communities for Offenders * John Wiley and Sons (Chichester et al) * * PETT
Cumming, John, Cumming, Elaine 1964 Ego & Milieu: Theory and Practice of Environmental Therapy * Tavistock Publications (London) * * PETT


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