Confidentiality Policy

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Confidentiality Policy

The confidentiality policy of TC-OF may have to be different for each of the three services offered by TC-OF

Bulletin Board The software is constructed so that there are closed and public sections.

In the public sections it should be made clear that all communications can be seen by the public at large. Nothing is confidential and responsibility rests with the individual for what they say.

In the closed sections confidentiality is expected of members who are allowed to join.

At a higher level of confidentiality the Moderators section is restricted to Moderators only and is invisble to the rest of the membership.

Email list Only members are allowed to join the email list. The only proof of membership is an email address. Members are expected to retain the confidentiality of the list.

Wiki Web Pages The MediaWiki Pages should mainly be openly accessible to the genearl public. Copyrighted work submitted with permission will be protected against editing, however the discussion page against each article will remain free to edit so that comments can be added. Restricted areas may be set up for project work that requires confidentiality.


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