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Local terms: terapijske zajednice

terapijska zajednica

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Mental Health Psihijatrijska bolnica "Jankomir", Zagreb

Zvonimir Velcl (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)[PTSP]

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Addictions Biblioterapija, logoterapija i rehabilitacija ovisnika, Ðakovo

Dom za Ovisnike Ðurmanec, Ðurmanec,

Izazov mladeži, Pula

Komuna "Mondo Nuovo", Zadar

Kuca na pola puta, Petrinja

Narconon Adriatic, Pula

Remar, Prigorje, Brdovecko

Remar, Pula

Reto centar, Klis

Reto centar, Zagreb

San Lorenzo - zajednica Cenacolo, Split

Savez, Baška

Tvoja Staza, Zagreb

"Your Path", Donja Baèuga

Zajednica Cenacolo, Biograd na moru

Zajednica Cenacolo, Letovanic

Zajednica Cenacolo, Novigrad

Zajednica Cenacolo, Šarengrad

Zajednica Cenacolo, Trilj

Zajednica Cenacolo, Varaždin

Zajednica Cenacolo, Vrbovec

Zajednica pape Ivana XXIII, Podstrana

Zajednica pape Ivana XXIII, Vrgorac

Zajednica "Susret", Split

L. Sakoman (Zagreb, Croatia): The experience with methadone maintenance programmes in Croatia (pp. 38-49)

“The first specialized treatment program for drug addicts exists in Zagreb since 1970. Heroin abuse has been followed-up in Croatia since the beginning of the eighties. The war (1991), post-war period and transition caused, within a short time, a large increase in drug supply and demand, what also caused an epidemic of heroin addiction.”

“At any moment, about 600 addicts are in some of the therapeutic communities while 500 of them are in prisons. About 45 heroin addicts die of overdosing annually.”

“Presently, 15 outpatient Addict Treatment Centres exist in the country. They have employed interdisciplinary teams (medical practitioner, most often psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, medical nurse). Besides the or alongside the therapeutic work, their duty is to coordinate all the activities, at their domain, connected with the drug demand reduction programs. Their most important duty, though, is to take care of the addicts and connect all the systems, discovering them and participating in their treatment. Among those systems, the most important are general practitioners, psychiatric detoxification programs and therapeutic communities.”

From Models of Medication: Supported Treatment for Opioid Addicts Report

SportSchloß Velen,


April 25-27 th, 2002

Workshop organised jointly by WHO, Regional Office for Europe / Federal Ministry of Health of Germany / Local Organizing agency: DLR, Projektträger Gesundheitsforschung, Bonn

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