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An "extension" was a term that came from the Henderson. It referred to any request for a leave of absence from the community. I am sure that it was originally a military term that referred to an 'extension of leave' that would have been negotiated in military circles.

There were clear consequences to missing groups which meant that if your absence was unauthorised then you would be on a day of assessment when you returned to the community. A day of assessment preceded a vote on the following day to decide whether you were working on your issues. A strong against vote could lead to a week of 'Treatability', followed by a Discharge vote.

A particular form of absence was the '72'. This referred to an unofficial leave of absence and meant that the resident had 72 hours from the last complete group that they attended to return to the unit. If they failed to return within this time then it was likely that they would be discharged.

So... the joke...

This refers to the difficulties that some people had with Christmas and is a request to miss the whole thing.

The reality was that Christmas at the Henderson or Webb were usually quiet, pleasant and fattening!!

By the way the cartoon describes the location of the TV and the fireplace at Webb House in the Community Room. The double doors open onto a corridor that led to the gym and the laundry room. The corridor always smelt like a launderette, warm and humid from the constant drying that went on.

Webb House Advent Calendar

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