Day Thirteen

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This cartoon points to the rivalry between Earthworks (Gardening and Maintenance) and the Art Work Group. It also highlights a more general issue in the TC, the length of time it took to 'act' to make decisions. I'm sure that this is a consequence of 'enquiry', it takes time to make sense and understand and the community is more concerned with this than the finished product. The joke then is that it took Art Work Group 8 weeks to make one bauble, of which they are very proud.

we were very poud of our achievements in art work group its true. earthworks{earthworms} liked to call our group the "colouring in" group but there was no end to our talents in the art room let me tell ya. a robot called simon and a chicken wire chicken spring to mind. look out we r entering the turner prize sometime soon. xsarahx

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