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S.I.E's refer to 'Sleeping in extensions'. This was a term initially used by the Henderson. If a resident breaks a major rule, such as deliberate self harm, overdose or violence to self, others or property, they have 'technically' discharged themselves from the community. The resident then needs to ask the community whether they can stay over night in the community. This involves an emergency meeting known as a referred meeting. During this meeting the resident would explain themselves, people would express how they felt about the issue, a risk assessment process would occur, checking out whether the resident is 'safe' and how they will 'keep themselves safe', a plan for the next few hours until morning would be established.

If the resident refused to ask for their S.I.E's then they would automatically be discharged. The timings for this would be 'til Nightround (11pm) or the Community Meeting at 9.15am. This could often precipitate some difficult situations where residents would be on the very edge of leaving the community.

It's also not just a matter of getting to a meeting and asking for S.I.E's. The chair would ask the community whether anyone objects to the S.I.E's and there would then be a vote. If the vote went against the person then they would be discharged from the community.

S.I.E's are a form of 'behavioural zero tolerance', treating all self harm as communication and enabling an alternative solution to be found. The classic 'symbolic S.I.E.'s was throwing a box of tissues or a book to the ground. Thus any 'acting out' would be acknowledged and worked with.

The joke then... It was often seen as a rite of passage to go through the S.I.E process. Effectively Rudolf 'joins' the community.

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