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Christian Messel Phone: 0045 20 11 94 99


Addictions Email, Olivia Hirst to Bruno Davey 18.11.2004: "Christian Messel..rang about the chapter in the book. He said that he was flattered to be asked although his knowlege was in the drug free TCs rather than democratic ones. I said you'd speak to him about it when you come in." MS. note on bottom, Adrian to Bruno: "He has agreed to write about Danish drug free TCs he will investigate and let us know of any democratic TCs."

CF email to CM 24.8.2005 to re-establish contact, and sending Guidance for Authors and Authors survey. [No Response]

***Lars Egede Andersen

Solveig Horsted Andersen

[] *** Windsor Conference contact from Jan. CF emailed 24.8.2005, introducing project, asking for assistance, and attaching Authors' Guidance for information.

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Randi Seidler Andersen Egevang Residential Treatment Home

Egebaekvej 80

2850 Naerum


Tel +45 4596 9000

[] (as per CHG website)

Children Author of article on Engevang in Joint Newsletter. CF emailed 24.8.2005, introducing project, and welcoming participation and help. Address [] failed.

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