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This is a user guide to the Surgery keys at Webb House. The night duties would be staffed usually with one Charge Nurse and a Social Therapist. 'Charge Nurse' is the male equivalent of a 'Sister' (for some reason both men and women were called Charge Nurses). The keys were principally the 'Surgery' bunch. Often any medical intervention would fall to the 'Charge Nurse', rather than as a first aid situation.

The cartoon here has a visual representation of each key situation', useful when you are learning the ropes!

The keys were also carried by the 'Surgery Nurse'. This was a role taken in turns by the Charge Nurses during the 9 to 5. The keys symbolised some form of authority. In some ways medical, but I think they were more than this.

My experience of Nursing is that the 'keys' are a power symbol. You can tell your not m,ad because you have the keys to get out. When I first trained at Portsmouth it was very important to get a 'Hospital key'. This seemed to symbolise a certain status and level of importance.

Staff Meeting 24th July 2000

These cartoons have an interesting origin and mark a move from the "subversive" to orthodox, which I think is also an element of TC processes (The decline in Anglo-Dutch TC relations seemed partly to do with TC principles being brought into mainstream Dutch mental health and as such became the orthodox).

Gerhard Wilke had been brought in by Keith Hyde as an external consultant to the development of Webb House. This was an early meeting of staff members. I think that I had a blank paper A4 book with me and Gerhard invited me to continue cartooning through the meeting. The members of the group consist of Admin, Outreach, Management team, some Nurses and Social Therapists. The Social Therapists all arrived earlier than most of the Nurses.

The cartoons provide a record of the discussions.









Static Electricity

This is a series of cartoons exploring the comic potential of static electricity. It starts off quite sensibly with 'sticky-up hair' and moves on to socks and more ridiculously to being stuck on the ceiling or on a wall.






This joke is a reference to the TV programme: 'Can't cook, Won't cook'. The implication is that one person is unable to sleep and the other refuses to sleep, aided by matches!


This cartoon is of flys doing aerobatics. It seems to be a study for a later cartoon.


Again the flys but this time with an aerobatic performance over a dog turd. It's a bit gross, but I find it amusing!!


This last one continues the dog turd theme with flys being greeted by a fly maitre de with a bow tie asking if they would like a smoking or non-smoking turd!!

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