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Petition asking the government to consider all psychotherapies and not only CBT

Deadline: March 3, 2007

The British Association for the Person Centred Approach (BAPCA) has initiated a petition asking the government to consider all psychotherapies and not only CBT. We have till the 3rd of March to sign. If you follow the link below it takes you directly to the petition.

Link to Petition

The proposal by Lord Layard to increase by 10,000 the number of cbt therapists in the NHS ignores the benefits to people of other forms of therapy. Relationship based therapy, such as the Person Centred Approach, and others, have a proven record of helping to alleviate distress and to change lives.

Text of Petition: "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to consider other psychotherapy approaches, not only cbt, in the proposed expansion of psychotherapeutic services within the NHS, instead of restricting choice for members of the public to one only model of therapy."

Submitted by Sheila Haugh of British Association of the Person Centred Approach –

Deadline to sign up by: 03 March 2007 –


Cambridge Young People's Service - URGENT

Funding Needed For Cambridge Young People's Service

Over the past 33 years the Cambridge Young People's Service (YPS) has become renowned for helping thousands of young people with mental health problems back into society. The YPS is a preventative, early intervention psychotherapeutic service and one of only a few specialist mental health services for young people in the UK. It is run by a team of highly trained, highly motivated specialists dedicated to helping troubled young adults resume their lives in the workplace, in education and with their families.

We now face the devastating prospect of this essential resource being closed for good unless we are able to raise enough funds to keep it open. As you can imagine, the closure of this invaluable service will have a detrimental impact on the city's young population, residents and students alike, their families and carers.



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