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Please submit entries in the following format | Author| Year/s| Title| Content| Publication/ Publisher| Volume Number| Pages| Source

Author Year/s Title Content Publication/ Publisher Volume Number Pages Source
Fahlberg, Vera (ed.) 1990 Residential Treatment: A tapestry of many therapies * Perspectives Press (Indianapolis, Indiana) * * PETT
Faw, Leyla; Hogue, Aaron; Liddle, Howard A. 2005 "Multidimensional Implementation Evaluation of a Residential Treatment Program for Adolescent Substance Abuse" * American Journal of Evaluation Vol. 26 No. 1, pages 77-93 *
Fees, Craig (ed.) 1990 Residential Experience * Association of Workers for Maladjusted Children * * PETT
Fees, Craig 1990 Reflections of a Folklorist in a Residential Therapeutic Community for Emotionally Deprived and Disturbed Children * Maladjustment and Therapeutic Education 8:2 68-73 *
Fees, Craig 1998a From the Archives 3 * Therapeutic Communities 19: 3 * *
Fees, Craig 1998b "No foundation all the way down the line": History, memory and 'milieu therapy' from the view of a Specialist archive in Britain * Therapeutic Communities 19: 2 167-178 *
Fees, Craig 2001 "Preface to: 'Arthur Barron, Children's Hostels' (1943)" ** Therapeutic Communities 22:4 292-295 PETT
Feldbrugge, Julie T.T.M. 1986 Commitment to the Committed: Treatment as Interaction in A Forensic Mental Hospital * Swets & Zeitlinger B.V. (Lisse) * * PETT
Fenton, Norman; Reimer, Ernest G.; Wilmer, Harry (eds.) 1967 The Correctional Community: An introduction and guide * University of Califnornia Press (Berkeley and Los Angeles) * * PETT
Fernandez, Guillermo, Jorge Golini, Gabriela Steffen, Omar Fantini, Gabriel A. Collazo, Oscar Abudara, Ana Maria Vinoly y colaboradores, Norma Diaz y colaboradores 1986 Comunidad Terapeutica Infantil: Familia e instituciones * Kargieman (Buneos Aires) * * PETT
Ferrari, Giuseppe and Alberto Merini (ed) 1987 La Lezioni Delle Comunita Terapeutiche * Cooperativa Libraria Universitaria Editrice Bologna (Bologna) * * PETT
Ferreyra, Juan Carlos 2004 Programa Ibicuy: Comunidad Terapeutica para el Tratamiento de las Adicciones * Programa ibucuy (Argentina) * * PETT
Ferruta, A., G. Foresti, E. Pedriali, M. Vigorelli (eds.) 1998 La comunita terapeutica: Tra mito e realta * Raffaello Cortina (Milano) * * PETT
Field, Gary 1998 Continuity of Offender Treatment: Institution to the Community * Prepared at the Request of the Office of National Drug Control Policy * * *
Finlay, Frances 1969 A Boy in Blue Jeans: A woman's story of her delinquent son * Robert Hale (London) * * PETT
Finlay, Frances 1971 Boy in Prison: A young offender's story of Grendon * Robert Hale (London) * * PETT
Finney, John W. 2004 "Assessing Treatment and Treatment Processes" * National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism * * *
Fonseca, R. Hinojal; Martinez, J.J., and Evia, Rodriguez-H, A.J. 1988 "Characteristics of a population undergoing treatment for drug addiction in a therapeutic community setting in Spain" * UNODOC Bulletin on Narcotics 1:1 pp. 67-69 *
Ford, Julian 1996 The Therapeutic Community Model And PTSD Services * National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Quarterly 6(4): Fall * *
Foudraine, Jan (Translated by Hubert H. Hoskins) 1974 Not Made of Wood: A Psychiatrist Discovers his own Profession. * Quartet Books Ltd (London) * * PETT
Frankel, Barbara 1974 Context, Power and Ideology in a Therapeutic Community: An Approach to the Transformation of Deviant Identities. * Ph.D. (Princeton University) * * PETT
Frankel, Barbara 1989 Transforming Identities: Context, power and ideology in a therapeutic community * Peter Lang (New York et al) * * PETT
Franklin, Marjorie E. 1949 School (revised edition) * Children's Social Adjustment (London) * * PETT
Freestone, M., Lees, J., Evans, C. & Manning, N. 2006 Histories of Trauma in Client Members of Therapeutic Communities * Therapeutic Communities 27:3 pages 387-409 *
Frye, Robert vaughan 2004 "Therapeutic Communities: A Therapeutic Bridge" Abstract-The original therapeutic community movement has seen a variety of interpretations that may bear little resemblance to the original model. The democratic model concept of social learning offers one approach to further social maturation and personality change. The programmatic or concept model offers another approach based on a behavior code and behavioral concepts. Both of these communities are human groups and appear to share the hereditary behavior of such groups. A Darwinian approach is used to facilitate understanding of both communities. A generic biosocial therapeutic community is described. RedOrbit Posted on: Thursday, 2 September 2004, * *


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