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Section Drafts ***’’
Chapter Drafts ***’’
Authors' Questionnaire TCIE AUTHOR **-Name-**’’

Katriina Pajupuro Director, Hietalinna Community

Hietaniemenkatu 5 00100 Helsinki Finland

(09) 447 766


katriina.pajupuro@A-KLINIKKA.FI (13.2.2006)

*** Letter KP to Bruno Davey 29.11.2004: It would be an honour to be involved in this book, but in the other hand I do feel, that I don't have the information needed concerning the other TC's in Finland but my own". She sent copy of Bruno's letter to STAKES "National organisation of social and health care affairs ([[1]]." Gave name of Mrs. Anneli Pienimaki (but she's moving on, so suggests possibility of Bruno sending a "To Whom it May Concern" letter. She also suggests Research and Dvelopment Unit of A-Klinikkasaatio (A-Clinic Foundation), the head of which is "Mr. Arti Saarto."

"In terms of our unit, I could, of course, write a small chapter, if that would be of any help. There is also a summary of the TC movement here in Finland, which I put together a few years ago for Professor Eric Broekhaart at the Gent University in Belgium. I can also send you that , should you be interested."

CF 25.8.2005 email to re-establish contact, and to say "Yes" to latter paper. . [No response]

CF 25.8.2005 - Attempt to re-establish contact email address failed.

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Ilmo Keskimäki *** *** CF 25.8.2005 Emailed to "...Katriina Pajupuro, Director of Hietalinna Community, has suggested contacting STAKES", with Authors' Guidance and Authors' Survey. Address failed.

Ari Saarto *** *** CF email 25.8.2005 : "Katriina Pajapuro of Hietalinna Community suggested we get in touch with you." [No response]

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