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AREA OF WORK: COMMUNITIES [and Organizational Affiliation, if any]: Comments/Contact
Mental Health ** *
Prison/ Forensic units Therapeutic Community, Duval County Jail and Prisons Division (substance abuse) *
Addictions Algamus Recovery Centers (Gambling)

Florida Department of Corrections Nonsecure Substance Abuse Treatment Programs, include:

  • Agape Center-Homestead
  • A Better Way of Miami
  • Turning Point (Broward Bridges)
  • CARP-Jensen Beach
  • CARP-West Palm Beach
  • DACCO-Tampa
  • DACCO-Tampa (RSAT)
  • Drug Abuse Foundation-West Palm Beach
  • First Step Sarasota
  • House of Hope (Nonsecure)
  • House of Hope (Dual Diagnosis)
  • Keys to Recovery
  • Nonsecure Programs-Leon
  • Nonsecure Programs-Pensacola
  • Nonsecure Programs-Panama City
  • Nonsecure Programs-Ocala
  • Orlando Bridge
  • Polk Bridge
  • Salvation Army-Daytona
  • Salvation Army-Ft. Myers
  • Salvation Army-Jacksonville
  • Sanford Bridge
  • St. Petersburg Bridge (RSAT)
  • St. Pete/Goodwill
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Tampa Crossroads

House of Hope and Stepping Stones, Ft. Lauderdale. (Modified therapeutic communities, House of Hope for men, and Stepping Stones for women.

Life Skills of Boca Raton

Children/ Young People Centre for Drug-Free Living, Halfway House, "behavior management programs. The Halfway House program is designed as an intentional therapeutic community. The program provides a structured residential environment for youth that offers opportunities for personal growth, social development and responsible behavior. The program activities include: an on-site education program, vocational education, individual, group and family counseling, behavioral health overlay services, community services, drug education and counseling, employment experiences, and structured recreational activities. The average length of stay is 6-9 months. The current capacity is 110 youth."

Florida United Methodist Children's Home, " The purpose of the Florida United Methodist Children's Home is to create an atmosphere which enables children and families with special needs to experience God's love and care as presented in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Combining Christian influence with a healing, caring, therapeutic community, the Home provides a continuum of highly specialized services designed to strengthen individual and family life."

Special Populations ** *
Self help groups/ communities ** *
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** *

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