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October 30, 2020

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First, get your recording

Then get your computer

  • It will need:
    • a good sound card
      • with standard audio inputs
      • USB port
      • flash card reader...
    • an Internet connection
      • preferably broad band
    • Audio editing software
      • Audacity (free)
      • WavePad (free)
      • Adobe Audition
      • Sound Forge
    • Web-page authoring software (if you're going down the html route. Go with wiki and you cut out this step)
      • Macromedia Dreamweaver
    • an ftp program
      • CuteFtp
      • BulletProofFTP

Digitise your recording and get it into your computer

  • Analog recorder? (audio cassette, reel to reel)?
    • Burn to CD
      • Import into audio editor
    • Connect audio outputs to audio inputs
      • Record into audio editor
  • Minidisc?
    • Burn to CD
      • Import into audio editor
    • Connect audio outputs to audio inputs, or
    • Connect optical cable
      • Record into audio editor
  • Flash recorder?
    • Record/save in .wav
    • Download to computer via USB cable
    • Download to computer via flash card reader
      • Import into audio editor

Edit Your File

  • Save your original first
  • Work only in a copy
  • Work in .wav, not mp3 or other lossy format

Save as mp3 file

Make sure you've got your web-space, then

Upload your mp3 file, using your ftp program


Do you want to stream?

  • Choose your method
    • Wimpy
      • Create html file
    • Quick TIme
    • RealAudio
    • Windows Media
  • Upload

Do you want to Podcast?

  • Create xml file
    • Podcast Maker
    • LinkAssure Free RSS Feed Writer 1.0



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