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Please submit entries in the following format | Author| Year/s| Title| Content| Publication/ Publisher| Volume Number| Pages| Source

Author Year/s Title Content Publication/ Publisher Volume Number Pages Source

Gallant, Wilfred A. 1992 Sharing the Love that Frees Us: a spiritual awakening from the struggles of addiction and abuse * Captus Press (Ontario) * * PETT
Gardner, Bethany 2001 "Therapeutic Communities and Aftercare in the Community" * Research in Review (Pennsylvania Department of Corrections) 4:2 6-10 *
Garfield, Howard M. 1978 The Synanon Religion: The Survival Morality for the 21st Century * Synanon Foundation (Marshall, California) * * PETT
Gasca, Giulio, Raffaela Bozzarelli, Luca Ostacoli (eds.) 1999 Psicopatologia della comunita terapeutica * Lindau (Torino) * * PETT
Genis, Abraham 1972 Comunidad Terapeutica * Ediciones Kargieman (Uruguay, Argentina) * * PETT
Geraghty, Rosalind and Warren, Fiona 2003 "Ethnic diversity and equality of access to specialist therapeutic community treatment for severe personality disorder" Content Psychiatric Bulletin 27 453-456 PETT
Gerstel, David U. 1984 Paradise Incorporated: Synanon * Presidio Press (Novato, California) * * PETT
Giddan, Jane J. and Giddan, Norman S. 1993 European Farm Communities for Autism * Medical College of Ohio Press (Toledo, Ohio) * * PETT
Giddan, Norman S. and Giddan, Jane J. 1991 Autistic Adults at Bittersweet Farms * Haworth Press (Binghampton, New York) * * PETT
Gildea, Edwin F. (ed.)? 1956 Theory and Treatment of the Psychoses: Some Newer Aspects * Washington University Studies (St. Louis) * * PETT
Gobell, Lisa 1986 The House In The Sun * Ashgrove Press (Bath, England) * * PETT
Goddard, Jocelyn 1996 Mixed Feelings: Littlemore Hospital - an oral history project * Oxfordshire County Council (Oxford) * * PETT
Goti, Elena 2000 La comunidad terapeutica: Un desafio a la droga * Nueva Vision (Buenos Aires) * * PETT
Gotte, Jurgen H.A. (mit anderen) 1979 Wenn wir in den Wolken wohnene: Arzt, Pflegepersonal und Patient als therapeutische Gemeinschaft auf einer psychiatrischen Station * Kindler Verlag (Munchen) * * PETT
Gralnick, Alexander (ed.) et al 1975 Humanizing the Psychiatric Hospital * Jason Aronson (New York) * * PETT
Greenall, Paul V. 2004 Life in a prison-based therapeutic community: one man's experience * The British Journal of Forensic Practice February * PETT

Greenblatt, Milton; York, Richard H; Brown, Esther Lucile; Hyde, Robert W 1980 From Custodial to Therapeutic Patient Care in Mental Hospitals * Arno Press (New York (Originally published by Russell Sage Foundation, New York in 1955)) * * PETT
Griffiths, Peter and Hinshelwood, R.D. 1995 “A Culture of Enquiry: Life within a hall of mirrors” *** written for the conference of the International Society for the Psycho-Analytic Study of Organisations (London) July *** ***

Griffiths, Peter; Pringle,Pam (eds) 1997 Psychosocial Practice within a Residential Setting * Karnac Books (London) * * PETT
Grimm, Rüdiger 1991 Die therapeutische Gemeinschaft in der Heilpädagogik Das Zusammenwirken von Eltern und Heilpädagogen * Verlag Freies Geistesleben (Stuttgart) * * *

Grimm, Rudiger 1995 Perspektiven der Therapeutischen Gemeinschaft in der Heilpadagogik: Ein Ort gemeinsamer Entwicklung * Verlag Juliu Klinkhardt (Bad Heilbrunn) * * PETT

Grover, Richard 1995 Communities That Care: Intentional communities of attachment as a third path in community care * Pavilion (Brighton) * * PETT
Guaita, Maria Pial Lai 1988 La Comunita Terapeutica: Origini storiche. Interventi attuali in Italia * Universitarie Jaca (Milano) * * PETT
Guimon, Jose 2002 The "Loving therapeutic team" * Avances en salud mental relacional 1:3 * *
Gunderson, John G; Will, Otto A Jr.; Mosher, Loren R (eds) 1983 Principles and Practice of Milieu Therapy * Jason Aronson (New York and London) * * PETT


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