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Saskia Heyden TWG Grünwald

Dipl.-Psych. Saskia Heyden Psychologische Psychotherapeutin Nibelungenstraße 10 82031 Grünwald Tel. 089-6412893

Mental Health SH to CF 26.1.2006 Email: Hi Craig,

thank you for your long Mail and the explanations about the books.

Your book project looks interesting and I spoke about it with my boss and my collegues and we would like to help with the German part, although we need to know what exactly we have to do and if we can really manage it. It would be the people of the association of the living communities of the Dynamic psychiatry who could do this. The editorial staff of the DynPsych is too small and has probably other interests then TCs and they also don´t know so much about this topic, this is why me, my collegues and ouir chairwoman have been asked to find articles about the TCs and to build this issue.

Please note that I will be on vacation from Jan31st to March 1st. You may contact Mr. Hessel (who is a member of our managing committee)

Best regards Saskia

CF to Heyden 12.2.2006 Email:: "Dear Saskia and Herr Hessel": Authors Guides sent

Mr. Hessel *** Saskia Heyden suggested (see above)

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