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Guidelines for Moderators

The role of the Moderators is to

  • Provide structure
  • Ensure good functioning
  • Encourage development and use
  • Understand the underlying purposes
  • Hold a vision of what is possible

TC-OF is an Open Forum and the Moderators are volunteers, therefore as a principle and to remain practicable, editing and moderating need to be kept to a minimum

However, there are defined circumstances where Moderators need to take action.

  • Where defamation, libel, threatening behaviour or harrassment has taken place (in the judgement of the Moderators).
    • Action: The offending party is warned, and goes on 'moderated' status, or is suspended or banned.
    • Action: If defamatory or libellous, the offending email or content is removed. A hard copy should be saved in case of future legal or other disciplinary action.
    • Action: If threatening behaviour or harassment the perpetrator should be given the chance to apologise and the content should be modified or removed.
  • Where a member complains that they have been defamed or libelled and requests the removal of the allegedly offending item. Or where someone alleges threat or harassment
    • Action: As above unless the Moderators disagree with the person making the complaint, in which case this and the reasoning behind it should be made clear to the person complaining and no further action taken. Where possible the person who made the entry should be informed if their entry has been changed or deleted.
  • Where a clear copyright infringement has taken place.
    • Action: The offending item is to be removed, the person uploading the material informed and/or warned, and where appropriate, an apology given to the copyright holder.
  • Where an individual uses the list simply to advertise services or products that are deemed to be spam. (Advertising services relevant to the field is permissable providing that memebership is not solely for that reason and that advertisemnts are no more frequent than six times a year.)
    • Action: The person is removed and, if appropriate, banned. No warning is necessary but may be given to long standing memnbers.

There are other circumstances where moderators may be forced to take action to defend the rights of an individual or to protect the integrity of TC-OF

Please remember that awkward cases do arise and that co-moderators can discuss issues by email to Moderators or through the regular monthly chats.

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