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AREA OF WORK: COMMUNITIES [and Organizational Affiliation, if any]: Comments/Contact
Mental Health ** *
Prison/ Forensic units Hale Ola Hoopona Therapeutic COmmunity, Kulani Correctional Facility (substance abuse)

Kashbox Therapeutic Community, Waiawa Correctional Facility (substance abuse).

Ke Alaula THerapeutic COmmunity, Women's Community Correctional Facility, "Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment and Social Learning Theory are combined to address criminal thinking and behavior. As the TC residents live and work together separated from the general population, they hold each other accountable to practice recovery skills and change their criminal thinking and behavior. Specialized services are also provided in the area of sex and physical abuse, domestic violence, criminality and other types of gender responsive issues."

Addictions Habilitat *
Children/ Young People Hale Kipa, Honolulu *
Special Populations Kahumana, Oahu. "Here, a dedicated, compassionate resident staff supports sixteen special private residents who live with mental retardation and/or emotional or physical disabilities. Our residents find joy and purpose through meaningful work, artistic expression, spirituality and vibrant community life." *
Self help groups/ communities ** *
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** *

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