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      Image:Hide & Seek.jpg

The story behind this is that it was the instructions for a very special game of hide and seek. Prior to the opening of Webb House (Tuesday 12th September 2000) the staff spent a night there (Thursday 7th-Friday 8th September 2000). It was originally planned as a 24 hour experiential therapeutic community. It was finally whittled down to 17 hours. The original plan for the experience can be viewed here: experiential tc timetable. This experiential tc had a number of different purposes. One of those was to test the practicalities of living in the building, getting around it and using all the stuff. One of the aims was to do any snags as regards hiding places. I had already done quite an extensive exploration of the building, including exploring the clock tower:

Image:clock tower.jpg
and the cellar: very dark and scary!!:

Image:webb cellar.jpg

My idea to make this a fun experience was to run it as a hide and seek game. The seekers represented Top3 referring people to an emergency meeting. The hiders represented someone who wouldn't want to be found! Bedrooms were out of bounds, although in practice Top3 didn't enter residents rooms as they had done at the Henderson. I remember that Keith Hyde was one of the seekers and he found me hiding under the bottom stairwell. We later boarded this bit off and put a security gate on the cellar bit. I also remember that Graham, one of the Charge Nurses, was not 'caught'. He had been hiding behind the large fridge and freezer in the store room.

Another part of the story was that I heard that our sister tc (Main House in Birmingham) were learning about control and restraint on the same day that we were playing hide and seek. I found the contrast quite amusing!

Here is an image of the new sofa's:


And staff arranging the table for the evening meal:

Image:laying table.jpg

--Cartoonmonkey 09:43, 28 August 2006 (BST)

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