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Authors' Questionnaire TCIE AUTHOR **-Name-**’’

Timar Andras / Dr. Csaba Timar [[1]] *** Email 7.3.2005 to Bruno: 'From' header says 'Timar Andras', but email is signed Dr. Csaba Timar. "I'm very pleased that I was your first pick for this honourable task. I'm interested in writing a chapter about the Hungarian TCs for your future issue, but I'd like to get further informations about your reward conception.

"Having regard the linguistic difficulties, my study has to be translated to English. Sadly I can't financier the occuring if you can bear these costs I can hire a translator firm to make this job done.

Thanks for the further information."

Undated email from Adrian explaining that there will be a delay due to change of staff.

CF 25-8-2005 Email to re-restablish contact and take forward. [No response]

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Agnes Szajcz *** *** CF email 28.8.2005 introducing project and asking for help. Address failed.
Keleman, Gabor Pécs, Hungary *** "Repairing of the attachment bond of substance abusers within a therapeutic community", Lecture delivered to XXVII International Symposium of German Academy of Psychoanalysis

14th World COngress of the World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry

"Trauma - Attachment - Personality - Different Approaches, Sifferent Paradigms"

March 16-19, 2005

Economical Academy Cracow, Poland

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