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Mental Health **

Prison/ Forensic units **

Addictions Yayasan Kasih Mulia Therapuetic community was established in 1998 founded by Fr.Lambertus Somar Msc.YKM operates a facility for both men and women residential programmes culturally tailored to the needs of its clintele.

The programmes are evidence based and clinically supervised by a certified substance abuse clinical supervisor.It is located at the outskirt of jakarta near Bogor a hilly terrain with tropical rain forest sorrounding with a cool temperate climate during the evening.THE PROGRAMMES,unique operational capabilities are managed by a team of transdiciplinary staff comprised of Psychiatrist,Psychologist,nurses,nutritionist,substance AODA counselors and auxillary support staffs that provide 24-7 operation. Admission will be screen by the intake team and prospective client will undergo a 14 days evaluation unit to determined the type of services should be rendered.Once client data validated and established,the client will undergo the emotional interview and be welcome by the members of the community.The client will be assigned to a counselor and a treatment team to provide systemic TX along the treatment corridors of the phases in the programmes.Evaluation and a regular treatment plan review are conducted by the team and the treatment compliance general audited by the clinical supervisor's team to ensure the best practice and effective treatment outcome are achieved.

Children/ Young People **

Special Populations **

Self help groups/ communities **

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