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Authors' Questionnaire TCIE AUTHOR Jim Cumberton

Jim Cumberton *** *** JL to CF email 20.5.2005: "I was also approached in Crete by Jim Cumberton, and Martin Kooyman, worried re what was happening with the book."

CF - 23.8.2005 Email address failed Email address failed.

CF- 15.2.2006 Email address NB: James COMBERTON, rather than Cumberton.

Dear James Comberton,

I have been given your email address by Anthony Slater, and hope you won't mind my contacting you in this way. I am helping to edit the book on "Therapeutic Communities in Europe" being prepared by the College Research Unit of the Royal COllege of Psychiatrists, and it was strongly suggested that I get in touch with you to see whether you might be willing and able to help with the chapter on Ireland.

At the risk of overwhelming you on a first contact, I have attached two files: An overview of the project as a whole, and then a Chapter Template, to give an indication in more concrete terms of what contributing authors are asked to do. The aim is to keep the process as simple as possible for everyone; and if it were to make it easier, we can arrange to conduct a telephone interview and gather information in that way.

I apologise if this is an unwelcome intrusion, or if you feel you are not able to help. Obviously, we would welcome any guidance you could offer on people we could approach, or lines of enquiry we should be pursuing. Indeed, comments on the project itself would be very welcome!

With all best wishes, I am

Yours sincerely,

Craig Fees

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William Foley Chairman

Coolmine House 19 Lord Edward Street Dublin 2

*** per Jim Cumberton

Tony Geoghegan Director

St. Francis Farm TC Merchants Quay Project Dublin 2

*** per Jim Cumberton

Joan Hamilton <slieileha@EIRCOM.NET> Sli Eile ***

Paul Conlon <paulc@COOLMINETC.IE>

087 290 3216.

Coolmine Therapeutic Community ***

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