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Please submit entries in the following format | Author| Year/s| Title| Content| Publication/ Publisher| Volume Number| Pages| Source

Author Year/s Title Content Publication/ Publisher Volume Number Pages Source

Janzen, Rod 2001 The Rise and Fall of Synanon, A California Utopia * Johns Hopkins University Press (Baltimore and London) * * PETT

Jaspert, Andrea 1989 Der Erziehung Emotional Gestoreter Kinder in Einer Therapeutischen Umgebung - Dargestellt an der Arbeit in der Heimschule New Barns (England) * Hausarbeit zum 1. Staatsexamen des Lehramts an Sonderschulen im Fach Erziehungswissenschaft Universitat Hamburg (Germany) * * PETT

Jenner, Hakan; Eriksson, Ann; Iwanson, Agneta 1977 Rapport fran ett terapeutiskt samhalle * Awe/Gebers (Stockholm) * * PETT

Jodelet, Denise 1991 Madness and Social Representations: Living with the Mad in One French Community * University of California Press (Berkeley and Los Angeles) * * PETT

Jones, David 2004 Working with Dangerous People: The psychotherapy of violence * Radcliffe Medical Press (Oxford) * * PETT

Jones, Howard 1960 Reluctant Rebels: Re-education and Group Process in a Residential Community * Tavistock Publications (London) * * PETT

Jones, Maxwell * BIBLIOGRAPHY * * * * *

Jones, Maxwell 1952 Social Psychiatry: A Study of Therapeutic Communities * Tavistock Publications Limited, in collaboration with Routledge and Kegan Paul Ltd. ( London) * * PETT

Jones, Maxwell 1953 The Therapeutic Community: A new treatment method in psychiatry * Basic Books (New York) * * PETT

Jones, Maxwell 1962 Social Psychiatry: In the Community, in Hospitals, and in Prisons * Charles C. Thomas (Springfield, Illinois) * * PETT

Jones, Maxwell 1968 Beyond the Therapeutic Community: Social Learning and Social Psychiatry * Yale University Press (New Haven and London) * * PETT

Jones, Maxwell 1968 Social Psychiatry in Practice: The idea of the therapeutic community * Penguin Books (Harmondsworth, Middlesex) * * PETT

Jones, Maxwell 1976 Maturation of the Therapeutic Community: An organic approach to health and mental health * Human Sciences Press (New York) * * PETT

Jones, Maxwell 1982 The Process Of Change * Routledge and Kegan Paul (Boston, London, Melbourne and Henley) * * PETT

Jones, Maxwell 1988 Growing Old - The Ultimate Freedom * Human Sciences Press, Inc. (New York) * * PETT
Jovenes de la Comunidad Terapeutica de Naim 2002 Cien Cartas Desde Naim * Parroquias de Punta Umbria, Huelva * * PETT


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