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This is the Therapeutic Community Open Forum Wiki site.

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PLEASE PLAY WITH IT! The real site in progress starts at Front Page from navigation bar to the left.

Ian Milne

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Welcome to the Therapeutic Community Open Forum

Created on December 1, 2004, TC-OF is the successor to the Association of Therapeutic Communities' ATC email discussion list created and run by Chris Evans from July 26th 1996 to December 16th 2004.

Whilst created for and under the auspices of the British-based but international Association of Therapeutic Communities (ATC), the Planned Environment Therapy Trust (PETT), the Charterhouse Group of Therapeutic Communities (CHG) and the Community of Communities (CoC), it is not restricted to members of those organizations.

If you are interested in, or involved with therapeutic community in any way - staff, client, friend, family, student, researcher, administrator, referrer, curious member of the public - you are welcome!

To make discussion possible in a free flowing setting and for critical analysis, members agree not to implicate the list, the list owner and moderators, or Yahoo in any legal actions related to matters discussed here.


GENERAL DISCUSSION What is discussed on the list will depend in part on you, and on what you are interested in and want to know and share. Past topics have included the role of food and eating, questions of training, what it is like to be a resident/client/service user, differences and similarities between "democratic" and "drug-free" (or hierarchical, concept...) therapeutic communities, knowing David Cooper and R.D. Laing, advice...With members from around the world, it depends entirely on their interests and concerns at the moment.

INFORMATION THREADS Members have a chance to increase one another's awareness of people, events, and opportunities through a number of dedicated Information Threads (see sidebar), which can then be organised and searched in the group's message archive and will build up over time into a powerful research and information resource. Your 'small' contribution will help to build something much larger than any of us can do alone.

QUERIES What questions do you have?

RESOURCES Online discussions, meetings, and interviews in the group's Chat Room

Web extensions: The potential for FAQs, CEs (Common Experiences), works-in-progress, online publication -

Diary and Calendar

Craig's Page


Sandbox For Practice

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