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Therapeutic Community Open Forum Wiki site.

Tuesday 26 January 2021


A word from Maxwell Jones - Therapeutic Community Pioneer

  • Please read the introduction
  • Please feel free to experiment! - Click on the blue links. Click on the LOGO (top left) at any time to return here.
  • But please don't mess anybody else's work up
  • You can learn to use wiki and edit your own pages. See the help page accessed from the navigation bar to the left to get started
  • Use the Sandbox For Practice
  • If a page is protected from editing (like this one is) and you wish to comment on it, please leave your notes in the 'discussion' page just to the right of 'article', above.
  • Ian and Craig Help Page This is for you to ask for help if the help pages haven't answered your questions.


Also see

Wiki help needed

wiki is for everyone to use.

However as this site is in progress, if you are wiki literate (or want to learn) and have some time on your hands as a volunteer to assist with the development of the site, then please let me know |Ian Milne

A word from Maxwell Jones.

I have been bashed a bit but frankly I'm thrilled.

I think this demonstrated a great deal to me...

It is the best attempt I have ever had in my 77 try to share information....

When you open up this box, you don't get anywhere for a long time.

Learning is a painful process and I think that is the message to carry away with you.

If you are hurting, good. Something is happening to shake your complacency, and initiate a process of growth.

- Maxwell Jones 1984

From "A Life Well Lived" Maxwell Jones - A Memoir - Dennie Briggs 2002

A community is like a ship: everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.

- Henrik Ibsen

Please, grant me the serenity to accept the pages I cannot edit,

The courage to edit the pages I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference

—The Wiki Prayer

You are welcome here

Dennie Briggs, Craig Fees, Mark Freestone, Kevin Healy, Ian Milne and Sarah Paget


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