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Notes from Ian

  • Suggest we use here (or my space) for messages rather than SCRATCHPAD
  • We have not yet cracked the Mediawiki Categories see [1]

26.2.2006/IM A finisher task for you is to separate out anything that is in England that should be elsewhere, probably not a lot. * *
25.1.2006/IM Are all the articles in the "Articles here" section in the TCS, if so I will take the link from the navigation off. * *

25.1.2006/IM When naming new pages please keep names related to the page they are on or classification, for example your extra info about the japanese day facility should have been something like Japan name of estab extrainfo. It makes it easier to find all things Japan later. X *
25.1.2006/IM Have you noticed "my watchlist" in top right menu, you can set which pages you want to monitor for changes there. These menus only appear if you are logged in as Sysop X *
23.1.2006 IM Can you check this out Craig X *
23.1.2006 IM Confidentiality Policy * *
23.1.2006 IM Guidelines for Moderators * *
23.1.2006 IM Ian's draft on Strategy Challenge section comments in discussion page. * *
7/1/2006 CF TC Sources: Create link to general Bibliographies - Index to journal articles. Delete references when done.t * *
IM Craig look at maps on worlds and europe. X Great
IM Archives Archives are saved as *.mht files about 30 messages per file- to be transferred to new site where they will be available IM. This archive will be for new email list. X Over to Ian
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