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Link here if you want to leave a note on Ian's discussion page

This will alert him the next time he logs on and leave your message. Do not delete anything on the page (Ian only)


Streaming to open in new window Click on either link to hear Dennie's introduction to the Archive Download click and save target as


  • Rules needs revising when we have new email group.
  • Yahoo emails archived to date. To be transferred to new site when up
  • Moderators Workspace pages set up Moderators
  • Iantest page only
  • ATC page being added as we speak. Front page plus info Kevin to comment/Ian to edit. Based on links to old ATC pages for Directory easier to update at the moment ? future (How up to date is it Craig?)[CF: 23.1.2006. I know the ladies in the ATC office updated a couple of entries last week, so presume it is generally up to date. However, in the past, when I was taking care of it, Communities were not always very good at keeping their side of the bargain with up-to-date information, or with checking their entries to make sure they were correct.)
  • Virtual Memory Wall is here; Keep this reference do not delete until we know what to do. (CF 23.1.2006. If I haven't already, I suggest creating a mirror site to "Therapeutic Communities Around the World" for communities which were and are no longer, but with the individual Country pages laid out differently: A table with Column 1 being "The Community" (including the town or location), Column 2 being "Dates", Column 3 being "Client Population", Column 4 being "Comments, Memories, Reflections - Your Space" kind of thing.)

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