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Link here if you want to leave a note on Mark's TC-OF Admin discussion page

This will alert him the next time he logs on and leave your message. Do not delete anything on the page (Mark only)

Mark questions?

  • Ian's draft on Strategy Objectives
  • In line with wikipedia can we please make the site editable by registered users only to safeguard moderators.
  • Re-pointing of
  • By the time you get back we should be near agreeing a logo.

Can you please enable uploading of *.ogg sound files for us to experiment with

We had to contact fasthosts in your absence , they just blanked us because we did not have the sign in /password. speed of loading has been a problem sometimes.

  • Can we have multiple wikis. I am thinking here of
    • a working wiki for Craig's book on TCs in Europe.
    • Another for ATC Workgroups
    • Perhaps one for CofC
  • Alternatively is there any way of having different groups of users only with access to certain restricted pages , whilst having another grouyp with access to other restricted pages only - with sysops of necessity being members of all restricted groups
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