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This cartoon is a play on the word 'Summit'. It was used at the Henderson as the name of the Debrief meeting at around 9pm each evening. Summit was attended by Top 3, Gen Sec and RLO, as well as the 2 staff members at work that evening. There is some folk story that Summit came from the meeting of Churchill, Kruschef(?spelling) and Eisenhower at Yalta, although I don't know how true this is. Summit was essentially a place for trying to set the Agenda for tomorrow's 9-15 and discussing what hadf happened in the previous 24 hours. This was sometimes repeated in the meeting as 'summit discussed. The joke simply revolves around the use of summit as the top of the mountain. The association with Hilary is that he was the first climber of Everest and is used to a different sort of Summmit!

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This cartoon relates to a particular resident. She was for ever having headaches and migraines. When she had these she would freeze a full yoghurt pot and then apply it to her head with a blue paper towel. The joke then is that this becomes an emergency safety device, like a fire alarm break glass. She would also say "I've got a 'bastard head'" meaning the headache. The small writing on the base of the yoghurt pot say "apply to head with a blue paper..."

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