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October 22, 2020

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Channel Series Broadcast Information

RadioTC 3

Notes on the recordings by Anthony Slater

Mountain trip by Phoenix Haga community members and some re-entry members and staff.

Six days and nights hiking and camping in beautiful Norway.

Location: Trollheimen fjell område (mountain region) about 120 kilometers from Trondheim.

Height above sea level up to 1,600 meters.

Recorded and edited by members of Phoenix Haga, Norway

August 2007

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Jeanette interviewing Renate

Jeanette reminds Renate that the last time Jeanette interviewed Renate, she had just been in the community for one or two weeks, and now here we are five months later.

They talk about Renate’s experiences so far. She says that one of the most difficult aspects for her has been to keep her motivation strong, and that she has received a lot of support regarding this, and that her motivation has improved.

She refers to having been involved in a “special relationship” with a male community member, in the past, and that she feels better about herself now that is over.

Jeanette reminds her that now Renate is the Department Head of the Expediting Department (the responsibility of which is to organize and administrate daily activities, etc.) and asks if way back at the beginning she would have thought that she would have had such a responsible role.

Renate says she never thought, back then, that it could have been possible for her back.

Biggest challenges during the treatment so far: Continuing to work on her motivation and keep motivated to mature and recover, talking about unpleasant inner feelings, and developing trust.

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Renate interviewing Jeanette

Jeanette reflects on how difficult some of her issues have been during her time in the Phase 1 residential part of the programme.

Renate asks Jeanette about some of these difficult issues, which Jeanette describes: Having to face and overcome the loss, sadness, and grief involved after her brother died in an accident; learning to grieve; how she needed to work on her self image as a woman, her relationship and interaction with other women and how to feel comfortable with other females.

Jeanette also talks about being involved with voluntary work in the local community, and the value of that experience also assisting to broaden her social network beyond Phoenix.

She speaks about her fears of joining the Re-entry Phase, and discovering how to tackle the world being drug free and clean.

She refers to the trip in the mountains, mentions that she has participated in a previous trip, but that this one was very special for her.

Discovering white sandy beaches and swimming reminded her of being in the Mediterranean, and she never expected to find this up a mountain, along with beautiful scenery and views.

When asked about what she found challenging during the trip, Jeanette talks about her fear of heights. She forced herself to overcome this via taking the hike to the top of the mountain (up to 1,600 meters), says she was afraid, but got through that fear, then felt equally as scared on the downward journey through deep snow: Is proud of herself and being part of it.

They used 3 days for this part of the adventure.

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