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October 26, 2020

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Anthony Slater interviews Romanian therapeutic community workers training at Centro Italiano di Solidarietà di Roma (CeIS)

Translation by Stefania

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My name is….I’m the medic of the Anti-drug Prevention, Counseling and Evaluation Office Harghita, local structure of the National Anti-drug Agency- these structures exist in every county- and what I want to highlight from my experience at Ceis here in Rome for 3 months is that we can move backwards from a possible future of drugs in Romania, which is happening in Italy now, considering that Romania is 15-20 years behind Italy from the point of view of drug consuming and with this experience we can help better the ones who need help. Thank you.

My name is Mirela Ilona Parsulea, I’m a criminality prevention specialists and coordinator of the Anti-drug Prevention, Counseling and Evaluation Office Calarasi. My specializations are those of counselor and social assistant therefore the experience in Rome was welcome in both ways, both prevention and social assistance. It was an interesting experience considering the future therapeutic communities that will function in Romania. Both the theory and the practical knowledge we gained in Rome will be helpful for us. Also, I would like to specify that I very much admire the prevention work done by Ceis, all the programmes that really help prevention both in school and in the family and last but not least in the community, which is what the National Anti-drug Agency also wants to do, and so our activity here will be useful in Romania. Thank you.

My name is Cobzaru Izabel, I am the medic of Anti-drug Prevention, Counseling and Evaluation Office Suceava, a structure of the National Anti-drug Agency; for 3 months I had the opportunity to observe how a therapeutic community works in Rome, Italy – Ceis, and I hope that we will be able to apply in Romania all the practical and theoretical knowledge gained here, hoping that we can help the Romanian society by opening a therapeutic community. Also, we hope to develop partnerships with the Romanian NGOs. Thank you.

Moving forward. My name is Adriana Samson, I am the psychologist of the Anti-drug Prevention, Counseling and Evaluation Office Brasov, an office in the territory of the National Anti-drug Agency. I’d like to say that with my colleagues I lived an extraordinary experience. I’d say I was….to live at San Carlo at a few km from Rome, and the fact that we lived 24/7 with the clients of this therapeutic community made us understand many things. I’d like to synthesize this experience with some characteristic features of a therapeutic community that we are going back home with: sensitivity, creativity, empathy, partnership, collegiality, trust and last but not least acceptance. When I say acceptance I think of them, the clients of this therapeutic community, of their strength to step on a new path without denying their past but accepting it. Thank you.

Good evening to everyone, my name is Pusa Beatrix Campan, I’m a criminality prevention specialist with the Anti-drug Prevention, Counseling and Evaluation Office Satu Mare, where I work at from sep 2005. It’s been 3 months since I’m with Ceis, and my work here was mainly in the prevention programmes that Ceis has; the lessons that Ceis carries on in schools, that we also do a lot, about attitudes and knowledge regarding consuming. Another service where I was active was the one for addicted parents that try to find their parent abilities. There are also programmes for teenagers that made a mistake, stepped outside the path to say so, and that now try to find theirselves, their identities. I consider this experience more than helpful. What I learnt and keep inside is that we never have to give up, that the battle goes on but we mustn’t see it only as a battle, we must enjoy it and move on. Thanks everybody.

Good evening, my name is Alina Moga, I am a psychologist at the Anti-drug Prevention, Counseling and Evaluation Office Constanta, which is also a regional office, for several localities. I’ve been in Italy for 3 months, like my colleague said, we were there all the time, day and night. We had beautiful days with pleasant moments but also problems, both regarding our accommodation and their acceptance of us as persons, for in this community there are more men than women, and it was problematic for them 3 girls living day by day with them. Anyway, it was a very pleasant experience, useful professionally but also for our private life to put it this way. Because what they learnt we learnt as well: to accept themselves as they are, to manage their feelings, the problems they face, and all that drug represents or the problems it causes. With this occasion I’d like to thank the operators at Ceis that facilitated our coming and preparing here, for without their help I don’t know if we could’ve opened a community in Romania by ourselves. Thank you very much.

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