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Local terms: Świetlica Socjoterapeutuczna = "Socio-therapeutic community"

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AREA OF WORK: COMMUNITIES [and Organizational Affiliation, if any]: Comments/Contact
Mental Health ** *
Prison/ Forensic units ** *
Addictions ** European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction:

"Poland is the CEEC country with the longest tradition in therapeutic communities that aim at rehabilitation and prolonged abstinence. The first such centre was established in 1978. The role of these communities has superseded the otherwise prevailing position of psychiatric institutions in other Central and Eastern European countries.

"According to an estimate in 2002, there were 77 residential centres whose programmes were based on the idea of a therapeutic community. Most drug-free programmes are conducted in residential centres and run by non-governmental organisations. Stationary rehabilitation programmes are also implemented in 10 therapeutic departments in prisons. Ambulatory treatment plays a less important role in Poland. However, the National Bureau for Drug Prevention has started to support outpatient healthcare programmes in recent years."

Kazun Youth Rehabilitation Center, Warsaw

Szansa, Pławniowice.

Children/ Young People ** *
Special Populations ** *
Self help groups/ communities ** *
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Association 'Wspólnota' [EFTC]

Biura d/s Narkomani - Warsaw [EFTC]

Centrum Zdrowia Psychicznego i Leczenia Uzaleznien [EFTC]

Department for Treatment of Personality Disorders Drug Rehabilitation Centre [EFTC]

Fundation 'Kuznia' [EFTC]

Fundation 'Maraton' [EFTC]

Gornoslaskie Stowazyszenie Familia: Centre of Psychiatric Health and Addictions [EFTC]

Katolicki Osrodek Wychowania i Resocjalizacji Mlodziezy [EFTC]

Stowarzyszenie Katolickiego Ruchu antynarkotycznego 'Karan' [EFTC]

Towarzystwo Rodzin i Przyjaciól Dzieci Uzaleznionych 'Powrót z U' [EFTC]

Cebulka Community Club. "Cebulka is located in the seaside district of Gdańsk - Brzeźno. It is a place that intensifies the cultural life in this part of the city. Cebulka is a socio-therapeutic community club that plays extremely important role in the local community. Activities offered by the club are not just directed towards cultural development but also to fight the apathy and pathology among young people."


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