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Please submit entries in the following format | Author| Year/s| Title| Content| Publication/ Publisher| Volume Number| Pages| Source

Title Format Year/s Director Other Credits Subject Comments Source
A Place in the World see website

Sample Clip

Film/Television documentary 1997 Langs, Robert Produced by Kensington Communications in association with the National Film Board of Canada and Vision TV Maison Emmanuel Camphill Community "Martin Langlois is 22 and autistic. His devoted parents cannot care for him much longer, so they bring him to Maison Emmanuel, an alternative therapeutic community in the Laurentian mountains. Here, Inge Sell and her team of teachers and co-workers stimulate the residents to develop their life skills and particular gifts and abilities. Founded in 1982, Maison Emmanuel is inspired by the principles of Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner. Part of a worldwide network of similar communities, it is now home to 20 children and young adults. A Place in the World follows Martin as he adapts to being at Maison Emmanuel. Our own perception of people with mental disabilities is irrevocably changed in the process." *

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