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Please submit entries in the following format | Author| Year/s| Title| Content| Publication/ Publisher| Volume Number| Pages| Source

Author Year/s Title Content Publication/ Publisher Volume Number Pages Source
Raines, Theron 2002 Rising to the Light: A portrait of Bruno Bettelheim * Alfred A. Knopf (New York) * * PETT

Rapoport, Robert N 1960 Community as a Doctor: New Perspectives on a Therapeutic Community * Tavistock Publications Ltd and Charles C Thomas (London and Illinois) * * PETT

Rapoport, Robert N. 1974 La communaute therapeutique * Francois Maspero (Paris) * * PETT
Ravndal, Edle . 1994 Drug abuse, Psychopathology and Treatment in a

Hierarchical Therapeutic Community

*** Doktoravhandling ved Det medisinske

fakultet, UiO. Oslo: Universitetet i Oslo

*** *** ***
Rawlings, Barbara 1999 Therapeutic communities in prisons: a research review * Therapeutic Communities 20: 3 * *

Reda, Sawsan M. 1985 Patients' Perception of Their Roles in Therapeutic Communities * MPhil., CNAA/Manchester Polytechnic * * PETT

Redl, Fritz and Wineman, David 1951 Children Who Hate * The Free Press (Glencoe, Illinois) * * PETT

Redl, Fritz and Wineman, David 1952 Controls From Within: Techniques fo the Treatment of The Aggressive Child * The Free Press (New York) * * PETT

Redl, Fritz and Wineman, David 1957 The Gressive Child * The Free Press (New York) * * PETT

Redl, Fritz 1966 When We Deal With Children: Selected Writings * The Free Press (New York) * * PETT

Reeves, Christopher 2001 Minding the Child: The Legacy of Mrs. Dockar-Drysdale * Lecture given at the Annual General Meeting of the Mulberry Bush School, Standlake, Oxon 27 January 2001 * * PETT
Regadas, González 2005 (?) Comunidades Terapéuticas y Trastornos Duales (Therapeutic Communities and Dual Diagnosis) for reference click here Psicolibros (Montevideo, Uruguay) *** *** ***
Regadas, González 2005 (?) Develando a Maya. Grupos, Familias y Comunidades Terapéuticas (Unveiling Maya. Groups, Families and Therapeutic Communities) for reference click here Cedro (Lima, Perú) *** *** ***
Rendel, Leila nd The Caldecott Community: A Survey of Forty- eight Years * (Kent, England) * * PETT

Rice, A.K. 1968 Cotswold Community and School: Working Note No. 1 * Centre for Applied Social Research, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (London) * * PETT
Rivard, Jeanne C.; McCorkle,David; Duncan,Mariama E.; Pasquale, Lina E.; Bloom, Sandra L.; Abramovitz, Robert * "Implementing a Trauma Recovery Framework for Youths in Residential Treatment" research was supported by the National Institute of Mental Health (MH62896). * * *

Roach, Joanna 2002 Working With Families of Young People in Residential Care * M.A. Therapeutic Child Care, University of Reading (Reading, England) * * PETT
Roberts, J. P. 1995 The British Journal of Psychiatry Group Psychotherapy * The British Journal of Psychiatry Volume 166(1), pp 124-129 *

Rodeman, Charlotte R. 1960 The Nursing Service in Milieu Therapy * Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (Washington, D.C.) * * PETT

Rodway, Anthony (et al) 2001 Tylehurst School: unconditional love and the continuity of relationships * The Byre (Scotland) * * PETT

Rose, Melvyn 1990 Healing Hurt Minds: The Peper Harow Experience * Routledge (London, USA and Canada) * * PETT

Rose, Melvyn 1997 Transforming Hate to Love: An outcome study of the Peper Harow treatment process for adolescents * Routledge (London, USA and Canada) * * PETT
Rosenthal, Mitchell S. 1997 T"reatment and Criminal Justice" [by President of Phoenix House Foundation] State of Maryland

Cabinet Council on Criminal

Juvenile Justice

Break the Cycle

Strategic Planning Workshop

University of Maryland

December 8-9, 1997

Rost, Alice 2001 Designated Dancers: Why I Did Synanon. A Memoir * StoryArts (Leucadia, California) * * PETT

Rubenstein, Robert and Lasswell, Harold D. 1966 The Sharing of Power in a Psychiatric Hospital * Yale University Press (New Haven/London) * * PETT
Ruisniemi, Arja 2006 Minäkuvan muutos päihderiippuvuudesta toipumisessa. Tutkimus yhteisöllisestä päihdekuntoutuksesta, Finnish with English abstract "In my research I approach the phenomenon of recovery from substance abuse by looking at it as a change in self-concept. The central research question is how self-concept changes during the process of recovery from substance abuse. My aim is to shed light on the human experience of recovery in a therapeutic community." Tampere University Dissertations. Tampere University Press. Series Acta Universitatis Tamperensis; 1150 * *

Rundle, Frank L. and Briggs, Dennie L. 1957 BEGINNINGS OF A THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITY Establishing Group Meetings on a Closed Word * U. S. ARMED FORCES MEDICAL JOURNAL Vol. VIII, No. 6 June 811- 819 *

Rundle, Frank L. and Briggs, Dennie L. 1957b DEVELOPMENT OF A THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITY Problems Encountered in Daily Community Meetings * U. S. ARMED FORCES MEDICAL JOURNAL Vol. VIII, No. 9 September 1339-1349 *


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