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RadioTC International

Your Online Therapeutic Community Radio Station

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April 16, 2021

WELCOME! to the Offices of RadioTC International

How to get in touch, and what to do if...

  • Phone: +44 (0) 7840 103652
  • Fax: +44 (0) 1242 620077
  • Surface post:
    • RadioTC International
    • c/o Institute for the History and Work of Therapeutic Environments
    • Barns Centre
    • Church Lane
    • Toddington, Gloucestershire
    • GL54 5DQ
    • United Kingdom
  • Leave a message on the "discussion" page above, by clicking on the "discussion" tab, and typing. Remember to click "Save page" at the end. (The "discussion" page is checked regularly).

You are interested in making a programme

  • Look at our comprehensive "How To" pages
  • Email - RadioTC@tc-of.org.uk
  • Or leave a message, with your contact details, and details of the programme you would be interested in making, on the "discussion" page above
    • And remember: it's not as difficult as it might at first seem. If we can do it, so can you. And you have a lot to say.

You are having difficulties hearing or receiving a programme

  • Please let us know, giving all possible information about where you are, what kind of Internet connection you have, what operating system you are using and details of your computer, and what listening/receiving software you are using. (All information is held in complete confidence, and is not shared or provided to any third party.)
    • You can let us know by email, through the post or by telephone or fax at the numbers above, or by leaving a message on the "discussion" page above (but please realise that the "discussion" page is available to the general public, and should not be used for sensitive or confidential information).

You have enjoyed a particular broadcast, would like further information on any place, person or topic raised in a programme, or wish to suggest topics and materials for future broadcasts

  • Let us know!! Email, phone, fax, surface post, or leave a message on the "discussion" page above: All are welcome, and useful!

You wish to sponsor a channel or programme, or make a grant

  • Get in line. No, just joking. Email, phone, fax, send a letter, or leave a message on the "discussion" page above.

You wish to make a donation

  • We hope to set up a Donation page soon. All donations will be acknowledged, and our accounts will be published regularly on the web-site.

Your organisation wishes to become a partner in RadioTC International

What are the advantages? You become part of a dynamic information and communication partnership, through which the aims and goals of your organisation join with those of others to create something which no single group or organisation could create and sustain alone.

What is involved? A commitment to help with fund-raising, feedback, and development of the Station and its services. Also, a commitment to encouraging and - from time to time, and with considerable assistance if necessary - making programmes, which feature, discuss, highlight, or become an extension of your organisation's work.

If interested, contact RadioTC International at any of the contact points above, or by Email, to begin the discussion.

You wish to help as a volunteer

That's easy. There are all sorts of tasks to be done, from encouraging people to make programmes, to seeking sponsorship and donations, to helping assemble, edit and deliver the News, to finding wasy to develop the Station and its services, to becoming a broadcaster. If you have ideas, and if you wish to help in some way, just get in touch. The surface details are above, or Email here. And thankyou!

Meet the Staff

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