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Programme Making Guidelines for Staff

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October 30, 2020


Guidelines for staff making a Programme for Radio TC International (Draft)

The following assumes that the broadcast will be made of several files, however a broadcast may well be assembled externally using software like audacity and be saved as one mp3 file. The general guidelines below may still apply.


(Must be recorded in a file call aaaIntroduction.mp3)

Key messages about RadioTC

(Musical background)

Hello to all our colleagues in the Therapeutic Community and Social learning field to RadioTC.

RadioTC is here to bring you some rich content from around the world relevant to the concepts of Therapeutic Community and Social Learning.

In the Spirit of open learning we would like you to consider making your own recording. There are details of how to do this on the wiki web-site at www.tc-of.org.uk

You can then share it through RadioTC with others world wide.

We have in mind at the moment producing programmes on Therapeutic Community Pioneers, Shared Experiences of Residents and Online seminars and debates.

(Music fades)

Introduction to topic and speaker

We hope you enjoy this months programme on the Topic of xyz.

A few words about topic xyz

The Contributor/Author/Interviewee is abc.

A few words about abc status and experience, major publications etc.


This programme is brought to you by RadioTC your online radio Station.


(File name Can be any relevant / descriptive filename.mp3)

Introduction and welcome, maybe Outline Structure (2 minutes)

Content (20 minutes)

Summary and Conclusions (3-5 minutes

Any references or backup material on the wiki or other references (2 minutes)


(Must be zzzClosure.mp3

(Music again)

Thank you xyz and some more words.

We would like to thank all those involved in the making of this months programme.

Please send us an email to ..... if you have any comments or have any ideas for future programmes.

Next months programme will be on...... and will be published hopefully on the first of the month.

Remember if you want to submit or make your own programme then please email RadioTC at (email address)

Thgis is just a reminder that all RadioTC programmes/ podcasts can be used for training purpose. However the material is copyright to the Author or contributor.

This is programme No. (1) First broadcast on (date)

I am (person) on behalf of RadioTC. Please remember to come back again.

Goodbye... (Music fades) ..............................................................

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