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<font size="5">'''The Channels:'''<font />
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|  align="center"  colspan=3 valign="top"  style="background:#fffff6; border: solid 1px #aaaaaa;" |  <div align="center"> <font size="5"> Would You Like To Make A Programme?<br /><br />'''[[Making a Programme |  Click!]]'''<font /><div />
|  align="center"  colspan=3 valign="top"  style="background:#fffff6; border: solid 1px #aaaaaa;" |  <div align="center"> <font size="5"> Would You Like To Make A Programme?<br /><br />'''[[Making a Programme |  Click!]]'''</font ></div >

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RadioTC International

Your Online Therapeutic Community Radio Station

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October 25, 2020


Welcome to RadioTC International!

Currently On-Air

...a portal into the vigorous and challenging world of therapeutic community, therapeutic environments, milieu therapy and planned environment therapy, where the people involved make and present the programmes.

Your input is welcome. If you or your community or organization is interested in making a programme, click on Making a Programme. It's a lot easier than you might think, and the page includes ideas for programmes, "how to's", how to go about it, and what to do if you don't have a sound card or audio-recording and editing software on your computer.

RadioTC International is hosted by the Therapeutic Community Open Forum and the Institute for the History and Work of Therapeutic Environments, with financial support from the Association of Therapeutic Communities and Phoenix House Haga, Norway. If your organisation would like to become involved as a partner in RadioTC International, email, phone, or visit our online Office.

The archives are held at the Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre. (What are you doing with the records of your organisation or place of work? Where can you safely put films, videos, photographs, audio recordings, books, periodicals, newsletters...where others can find and use them for generations to come?)

RadioTC International is a voluntary enterprise. If you would like to sponsor a programme or channel, award a grant, or make a donation, please see Supporting RadioTC International.


Featured Image

George De Leon:
P3S14: Interview, Talk, and Music
at the 10th International Symposium on Substance Abuse Treament, Oslo

The Channels:

RadioTC 1
News: News Flash/ News Bulletin/ News Roundup

News Flash: Breaking and rapidly changing news and events.

News Bulletin: Current and Recent Stories and Events

News Roundup: A look back at news stories from around the world over the past month (or so)

News and news stories involving therapeutic communities from around the world. Add news and comment from your community, organization or area by sending an email press release or soundclip to You could, for example, send a brief soundclip of news from your community, organization, or area, or record a short interview with someone in your community who is making news.

RadioTC 2
Community Magazine

Programmes made by individual Therapeutic Communities, perhaps with music written and played by community members, tellings of "my story" or dramas based on community members' lives, poetry written and read by community members, discussions between current community members and those who have left, news, sounds of the community, a description of daily life... "News Roundup"

RadioTC 3
Talk and Listen

Talks, Lectures, Conferences, Interviews...There is a lot of scope here for sharing seminars and talks with a wider audience. Why not record interviews with people who helped create your therapeutic community? Record an interview with someone who has left the therapeutic programme, about their experience of it....

RadioTC 4
Arts, Books and Music

Reviews and discussions of books, plays, movies, music, art exhibitions and such (past or present) which are by or about therapeutic communities and therapeutic community people; which is of relevance to people involved in therapeutic community; or which may have played significant roles in community members' lives...

Also, the performances themselves - music, plays, dramatizations, short story and poetry readings....

RadioTC 5
Audio Diary

A brief (10 to 15 minute) audio notebook of daily life, work and travels around the therapeutic community world.

RadioTC 6
Mainly For Members...

This space is reserved for programmes made by RadioTC International partner organisations, and targeted primarily at their members (but you can listen too). Audio version of Newsletters, for example; or announcements of upcoming events, and updates on current issues and work.

RadioTC 7
Spotlight on...

A wide-ranging series. The world is your oyster. Focus on a particular issue, or an aspect of life and work within a therapeutic community, or on a specific person or community: "Spotlight on Research", "Spotlight on Training", "Spotlight on Leaving"...

RadioTC 8

Therapeutic Communities are about opening doors onto the world, and into the self. This Guest Channel is for people who are not, or may not be directly involved in therapeutic community, but who have a door to open.

Would You Like To Make A Programme?


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