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Mihai Popescu Prisons CF 21.01.2006 Email: Mihai Popescu

MP to CF 9.2.2006 Email: Dear Craig Fees,

Thank you for the kind offer to include Romania in a book about "Therapeutic Community in Europe".

Regarding the contribution to the chapter on Romania I suggest Mihaela Sasarman as she is the leader in developping the therapeutic community not only in Rahova but also in other penitentiaries. We are expecting as you mentioned to receive further information about the project and what involves for the authors.

Yours sincerely,

Mihai Popescu GRADO

CF to MP 11.2.2006 Email: Dear Mihai Popescu,

It is very good to hear from you, and to hear of therapeutic community projects in other prisons as well as Rahova. Thank you very much for referring us to Mihaela Sasarman. I am attaching two documents. The first gives an overview of the project. The second is a Chapter template, which may look more daunting than it is. It can simply be filled in, or we can arrange to interview contributors by telephone if that is easier for them.

Are there therapeutic communities in other areas of Romanian life? Within mental health or addictions, for example?

Jan Lees, who is one of the co-editors for the book, is also one of the editors of the journal "Therapeutic Communities", which is published by the Association of Therapeutic Communities. I wonder whether you and Mihaela might be willing to write an article about the prison therapeutic communities in Romania, or some aspect of their development and work? And perhaps how they fit into the GRADO project? I am copying this email to Jan, so she will know what I have suggested.

With all best wishes, and thanks,


Mihaela Sasarman Prisons *** Suggested by Mihai Popescu 9.2.2006 (see above)

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Mihai Popescu *** *** re: Rahova Maximum Security Prison

CF 12.9.2005 email asking for help and contribution. Address failed

Address failed.

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