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Prof. Leonid Mikhailov *** *** CF 25.8.2005 email. Attach Guidance and Authors' Survey. Address timed out.

Prof. Irina Pervova [] *** Email David Dean to CF 11.9.2005: "Irina Pervova has written to say she is unable to engage with this project."

Dr. Vadim Rodionov [] *** David Dean email to Bruno 21.1.2005: "I have spoken with both Rodionov and Morozov. Both might be interested and I think the best idea would be for you to contact them direct with full details and perhaps the proposition that we co-operate on a chapter...The other colleague who may be interested is Professor Irina Pervova, a psychologist at St. Petersburg State University..."

"I will copy this to my colleagues to prepare them for a possible approach from you."

Dr. Dmitry Morozov [[1]] *** See David Dean email 21.1.2005 above.

David Dean *** *** David Dean email to Bruno 21.1.2005: "I am not an academic but a practitioner -retired and acting as therapeutic consultant to Kitezh, as an occasional contributor to the St. Petersburg course work and someone called upon to be useful from time to time in children's projects in Africa and Romania." Chapter should be written by Russians, but if "the writers should ask me for a limited perspective...I would do what I could."

Email David Dean to CF 26.8.2005: "I thought this one had died!! Excellent knews that you have taken up the conch. I have forwarded your letter to Irina Pervova whose e mail I have down as There may be another of course which Bruno heard about. She also works at Herzen so may know Mikhailof. With such expertise around in Russia itself I doubt that I have anything to contribute but if they ask me to have some involvement I can look at that."

Sergey M. Shilov Vice Rector for International Cooperation

[Herzen State Pedagogical University]



*** Shirov to Davey 18.11.2004: "I'd like to confirm that the group of the specialists of Herzen State University of Russia headed by professor Leonid Michailov are willing to be involved in writing a chapter of a book on therapeutic communities in Russia."

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