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Please submit entries in the following format | Author| Year/s| Title| Content| Publication/ Publisher| Volume Number| Pages| Source

Author Year/s Title Content Publication/ Publisher Volume Number Pages Source
Sabbe, B.; Cruyt, M.; Bauwens, P.; Windmolders, H.; Vertommen, H 1999 Assessment of the therapeutic climate in a psychiatric ward and a therapeutic community, using the Ward Atmosphere Scale pdf "De Fase is a psychiatric ward of the Psychiatric Center Sint-Norbertus at Duffel (b). It consists of an admission clinic and five units for psychotherapeutic treatment: a motivational unit, a group analytical unit, a cognitive behavioural unit, a training and a supportive unit. In this setting a descriptive-explorative study was conducted, in order to measure differences in therapeutical environment between the admission ward and the psychotherapeutic clinic, and between the psychotherapeutic units themselves. Assessments were made by all patients who were capable (n = 152) and staff (n = 66), four times over a period of one year. The Ward Atmosphere Scale (Moos 1974) was used, in both real and ideal form." Dutch Journal of Psychiatry 41:3 133-142 *
St. Blaize-Molony, Ronald 2005 A Psychotherapeutic Encounter. André Gide: Oscar Wilde * TC Sources * * PETT
Saleeby, George (adaptor and editor. Bradley, Harold B.; Smith, Glynn B.; Salstrom, William K.; et al 1970 The Non-Prison: A new approach to treating youthful offenders

[ adapted and condensed from the Report: "Design for Change: A program for correcitonal management"]

* The Institute for the Study of Crime and Delinquency (Sacramento, California) * * PETT

Sanders, Jacquelyn Seevak 1989 A Greenhouse for the Mind * University of Chicago Press (Chicago/London) * * PETT

Sanders, Richard; Smith, Robert S.; Weinman, Bernard S. 1967 Chronic Psychoses and Recovery: An experiment in socio-environmental treatment * Jossey-Bass (San Francisco) * * PETT
Sandhu, Harjit S. 1997/1998 "A Drug Offenders’ Treatment at Bill Johnson Correctional Center, Alva, OK By the CBTI, Freedom Ranch Inc. Final Evaluation" * Journal of the Oklahoma Criminal Justice Research Consortium Volume 4, August * *

Schmidt, D.R. 2002 An Ethnographic Process Evaluation of a Faith Based Therapeutic Community for Chemically Addicted Men * PhD., Intercultural Studies, Trinity International University * * PETT

Seed, Philip 1992 Developing Holistic Education: A case study of Raddery School for emotionally damaged children * The Falmer Press (London and Washington D C) * * PETT
Shahinfar, Ariana 2002 "The Young Adult Offender (YAO) Program at SCI-Pine Grove: An Evaluation lf the Link Between Therapeutic Community Participation and Social Cognitive Change Among Offenders" * Department of Psychology, La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA 19141. Project Funding Source: The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) * * *

Shapiro, Harry 1997 "Honour the Young Man", Chapter 3 in

Alexis Korner: The Biography

* Bloomsbury (London) pages 16-34 * PETT

Shaw, Otto L. nd School Discipline: A Practical Application of Evolved Social-legal Methods * Arthur H. Stockwell (London) * * PETT

Shaw, Otto L. nd A Brief Study of Re-educational Factors in a Progressive Boarding School for Delinquent Children and Adolescents * Red Hill School (East Sutton, Kent) * * PETT

Shaw, Otto L. 1965 Maladjusted Boys * George Allen and Unwin (London) * * PETT

Shaw, Otto L. 1969 Prisons of the Mind * George Allen and Unwin (London) * * PETT

Shaw, Otto L. 1969 Die Ungeliebten: psychotherapeutische und padagogische Erfahrungen * Lambertus Verlag (Freiburg im Breisgau) * * PETT

Sher, Elizabeth et al. 1960 The List Method of Psychotherapy * Philosophical Library (New York) * * PETT

Shine, John (ed) 2000 A Compilation of Grendon Research * HMP Grendon (Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire) * * PETT

Shoenberg, Elisabeth (ed) 1972 A Hospital Looks at Itself: Essays from Claybury * Bruno Cassirer (London) * * PETT

Silveira, W.R. (ed.) 1991 Consultation in Residential Care: Children in residential establishments * Aberdeen University Press * * PETT

Simon, Steven I. 1973 The Synanon Game * PhD (Clinical Psychology), Harvard University * * PETT

Siskind, Amy B. 2003 The Sullivan Institute/Fourth Wall Community: The Relationship of Radical Individualism and Authoritarianism * Praeger (Westport, Connecticut and London) * * PETT

Sivadon, Paul 1993 psychiatrie et Socialites: Recit autobiographique et reflexions theoriques d'un psychiatre Francais * Eres (Toulouse) * * PETT

Slavson, S.R. 1945 Creative Group Education * Association Press (New York) * * PETT

Slavson, S. R. 1961 Re-Educating the Delinquent: Through Group and Community Participation * Collier Books (New York) * * PETT

Slavson, S.R. 1970 "Because I Live Here": The theory and practice of Vita-Erg Warad Therapy with deteriorated psychotic women * International Universities Press (New York) * * PETT

Smith, Gaynor 1982 Pilsdon Morning * Merlin Books (Braunton, Devon) * * PETT

Smith, Sharon Anna Marie 2001 A Study of a Therapeutic Community Prison for Drug Misusers * BA * * PETT

Smith, Wes 2001 Hope Meadows: Real-Life Stories of Healing and Caring from an Inspiring Community * The Berkley Publishing Group (New York) * * PETT

Soloway, Irving H. 1977 Pimping the Program: The Culture of Patients in a Therapeutic Community * Ph.D (Temple University) * * PETT

Spandler, Helen 2002 Asylum to Action: Paddington Day Hospital, Therapeutic Communities and Beyond * PhD (Department of Psychology and Speech Pathology, Manchester Metropolitan University) * * PETT
Spencer, Les 2005 CULTURAL KEYLINE: The Life Work of Dr. Neville Yeomans S-Spencer-ABSTRACT PhD., School of Social Work and Community Welfare, James Cook University * * *
Stemen, Don 2002 "The Network Program of Episcopal Social Services. A Process Evaluation" * Vera Institute of SOcial Justice (New York) September * *

Stevens, Anthony 1986 Withymead: a Jungian community for the healing arts * Coventure (London) * * PETT

Stinton, Judith 2005 A Dorset Utopia: The Little Commonwealth and Homer Lane * Black Dog Books (Norwich) * * PETT

Strober, Elizabeth Anne 2001 Canaries in a Coal Mine: Conceptualisations and Treatment of Mental Illness in a Therapeutic Community for the Mentally Ill. * PhD. (University of Washington) * * PETT
Stucker, Virgil 2007 How do we help rescue a resident from “failure” or “discharge”?: Relationship-Centered Care and the Art of Grasping the Last Thread" * Sources project * * PETT
Studt, Elliot; Messinger, Sheldon L.; and Wilson, Thomas P. 1968 C-Unit: Search for Community in Prison * Russell Sage Foundation (New York) * * PETT

Sutton, Nina 1995 Bruno Bettelheim: The other side of madness * Gerald Duckworth (London) * * PETT


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