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SCT refers to a particular mode of Group Therapy. This originated in the States, lead by Yvonne Agazarian. Keith Hyde, the Clincal Director of Webb House had been to the States to study SCT and was enthusiastic about SCT's ability to contain and resolve unhelpful splits (a common feature of resident and staff dynamics). SCT is quite a Leader-focused form of therapy, with the therapist acting to seperate facts from feelings, undo ambivalence into it's component parts and to address peoples anxieties about the unknown.

Why it's relevant here is that SCT was to be used for the first 6 to 12 months of Webb House in the staff sensitivity group. Prior to this there was a joint 2 day SCT experience at Webb House. Staff from Henderson, Main and Webb House were present. The sessions were facillitated by Fran Carter and Susan Gant, both of whom worked closely with Yvonne Agazarian in the States. Here is a picture of the event:

Image:SCT Event.jpg

Where SCT was amusing was in the seperation of experience. Another strand was the undoing of anxiety about the future. These resulted in typical phrases, such as "can you predict the future, Yes or No?"





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