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Do you wish to add a Unit or Community? If so, please remember to include the following information:

  • The Country
  • The Name of the Unit or Community, and its Location (State/City/Town)
  • A contact email and a website address (if there is one)
  • Its Area of Work as follows
    • Mental Health
    • Prison/Forensic Units
    • Addictions
    • Children/ Young People
    • Special Populations
    • Self-help groups/ communities
    • To be placed/ or Other
  • Any comment you would like to make
  • Your name and email contact details

Amendments to existing entries.

If you are giving comments/ amendments/ other information or contact details for an existing entry then please send sufficient information to identify the Country and the Entry. the amendment detail and your contact details and email


Please send your submissions to [1]

The Moderators


AREA OF WORK COMMUNITIES [and Organizational Affiliation, if any]: COMMENTS
Mental Health Mental Health info replaces this Leave the pipe character at the beginning*** *
Prison/ Forensic units Prison Info replaces this*** *
Addictions Addictions info replaces this*** *
Children/ Young People Childrens info replaces this*** *
Special Populations Special Populations info replaces this*** *
Self help groups/ communities Self help groups /communities info replaces this *
To be placed /other To be placed/other info replaces this*** *
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