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Britt Ott-Nilsson brittcarin@gmx.ch


*** BO-N to Bruno email 23.11.2004: "There is no such thing like an TC-scene here and we will have to dig every single TC out ourselves. This country also has a germanspeaking, frenchspeaking and italianscene, that very rarely mix!! My college and I have now decided to try to do it. If the result really can be a chapter of a book we don't know, but we can try...There is not much to fill in to your forms at the moment so I will leave that until later. OK...Would you please answer me if this is ok with you?" {MS. note: "2/12/04 - responded via email")

CF 15.2.2006 Email address: brittcarin@gmx.ch (suggested by Jan)

Dear Britt,

Jan Lees has given me this email address, which I hope works! You may know that I am helping with the editing of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Research Unit's book on "Therapeutic Communities in Europe", with which you agreed to help. We are now pushing ahead, and I can attach both the overview for Authors, and a Chapter Template which can be filled in (I hope) like a form, and even returned online. The aim is to make things as simple as possible, although I may have managed to do the reverse.

In your original email to Bruno Davey in 2004 you indicated just how complex the therapeutic community situation is in Switzerland, not least because of the three languages. My Internet search for therapeutic communities in Switzerland certainly turned up a great many. I have not completed the job, but I have put many of those I found on the "Therapeutic Communities Around the World" site on TC-OF: http://www.tc-of.org.uk/wiki/index.php/Switzerland .

Is there any way I or we can help? If it would make things easier, we can potentially arrange to gather information in a telephone interview, which we would then, obviously, feed back to you for improvements and corrections. But if there is any other way in which we can help, we would certainly endeavour to do so.

With thanks and best wishes,


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Mme V. Merlini / Véronique Merlini Tél: 022 / 379 55 76

Fax: 022 / 372 96 53

1226 Thônex

Directrice:Centre de sociotherapie "La paquerette" et consultations post-pénales ***

http://www.hcuge.ch/formation/2005/FPFIP073.html *** *** Have look: "Augmenter la pratique de travail groupal avec une approche de type analytique et avec une orientation de communauté thérapeutique. Développer la pratique spécifique de travail groupal, à durée limitée dans le temps. Développer un programme séquentiel d'enseignement interdisciplinaire de TGA."

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