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Therapeutic Communities in Europe

Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

Secretariat of the National Drug Commission

Nábřeží Edvarda Beneše 4

118 01 Praha 1 - Malá Strana

tel: 96153 222, fax : 96153 264

Prague 22 November 2004

Re: A New Book on TCs in Europe

Dear Mr. Davey,

thank you for inviting me to write a chapter about TCs in the Czech Republic. I would be interested to participate in this work as I hope that I have appropriate knowledge on TCs in the Czech Republic, their development in the course of time as well as on their current status quo. Despite the fact that I am not recently working in any of TCs I remain in close contact with all TCs working in the Czech Republic and I have also regular structured reports about their work and development within couple of past years.

I am also in contact with other experts from the Czech TCs so I can invite them as a co-authors or ask them for a peer-review of the chapter about domestic TCs.

Please let me know about your final decision of whether or not should I start to work on the chapter for a new book on TCs in Europe.

Best regards

Josef Radimecky, MSc. director of secretariat

To Mr. Bruno Davey College Research Unit 6th Floor 83 Victoria Street London SW1H 0HW

Author\'s Survey

a. Personal Details

Name Josef Radimecky, MSc.

Address Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

Secretariat of the National Drug Commission

Nabr. E. Benese 4

Prague 1 - Mala Strana

118 01

Czech Republic


b. most important sources of support for TCs in the Czech Republic

Name and Address: Description of Support
Secretariat of the National Drug Commission, Nabr. E. Benese 4, Prague 1 - Mala Strana 118 01, Czech Republic Funds, standards of quality, instruments of assessment of effectiveness, annual reports on the situation in drugs in the Czech Republic, publications – sheets on evidence-based interventions reviews, textbooks, etc.
Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, Section of TCs – Head of the Section:

MUDr. David Adameček TC for Drug Addicts Nova Ves Centre of social services of the Liberec region Nová Ves 55, Chrastava 463 31 Phone: 0042 485 146 988; email:

Exchange of information, further education, peer reviews-assessment of quality according to standards (see above)

Martina-Teminova/Richterova, Ales Kuda, TCs Sananim: TC Nemcice

Zámek 1, 387 18 Němčice u Volyně Phone: 383 396 120 TC Karlov Karlov 3, 398 04, Čimelice phone: 382 229 655, 382 229 692 [];

1. TC established in the Czech Republic in 1991, leading role, further education and training of staff of the Czech Republic, study visits for staff from other TCs

Ministry of Social Affairs, Prague Funds

14 Regional Governments Funds, methodological support

c. Tick the boxes below to indicate which areas of support you think TCs in your country would benefit from.

Standards: ***’’

Peer Review/Visits to Other TCs: ***’’

Email Discussion ***’’
Information about best practice and innovations
Information about effective research methods

Other, please specify Financial support with the use of EU funds (projects of international cooperation) for further development and stabilization of the Czech TCs (majority of them established after 1995 and they suffer because of weak support of policy-makers.

d. other comments

In the Czech Republic there already exist national quality standards for 9 treatment modalities for drug users incl. for TCs. Meeting standards is a basic condition for TCs in order to be admitted in the TC's Section of the Association of Non-Governmental Organizations. This kind of assessment is being done with the use of peer-review. Recently 12 of 16 TCs working in the Czech Republic are members of TC\'s section. They meet regularly (at least 3-4 times a year).

In the phase of preparation there is also opening of the Centre of Addictology at the 1. Medical University, Charles University Prague. This will be the first academic course for drug workers in the Czech Republic incl. those from TCs. As a part of Centre\'s activities also a research centre will be established which might be potentially of support in relation to research in the Czech TCs.

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