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Programme director: Peter Vassilev, MD Therapeutic community Phoenix 1407 Sofia, Lozenetz 5 Rilski ezera street, ap 1, Bulgaria

tel.: 00 359 2 962 3584, 00 359 898 209 175 

fax: 00 359 2 868 75 68 e-mail:

Bruno Davey, CRU, The Royal College of Psychiatrists,

83 Victoria Street, SW1H 0HW,


12^th^ November 2004

Dear Mr Davey,

RE: A New Book on TCs in Europe

It is my pleasure to set a communication link with you. Thank you very much for contacting me with a proposal to write a chapter on TCs covering Bulgaria. It is honour and pleasure for me to contribute. Hereto I confirm my willingness and readiness to be involved and to do my best for the develpment of the project.

Please, find enclosed a completed copy of the Author\'s Survey by post.

Once again I express my gratitude for the invitation to participate in this process and my readiness to contribute first-hand bulgarian experience in the field of TCs for the growing european base of information.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Vassilev

Author\'s Survey

a) Personal details

Name Dimitrov Vassilev Address 1407 Sofia, Lozenetz 5 Rilski ezera street, ap 1, Bulgaria


b) Most important sources of support for TC in Bulgaria

Name and Address Description of support:
Ministry of Work and Social Policy Provides access to funding

Ministry of Health – National Centre on Drug Addiction Provides access to training

c) Areas of support TCs in Bulgaria would benefit from

Standards √ Peer-review/visits to other TCs √ Conferences √ Email discussions Information about best practices and innovation √ Training √ Information about effective research methods √

d) Comments

The existence of Community of Communities and the participation of TC Phoenix, Bulgaria in this project, is in itself an enormous support for the development of TC movement in our country.

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